Monday, July 4, 2011

Four Years Ago and Four Years Later..... and Next Four Years

It had been a while since last update. I am still trying to be a blogger, but keep updating the blog is hard. There are SO MANY things happened last couples of month, it has been crazy. I did not have time and emotion to up date. Now, my emotion is getting better, finally I will start to write again. If you are interested in reading it, I will update every details of last couple of months (if I can).

I GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE last month, yay!! I'd like to do some comparison between four years ago, graduating high school and four years later, graduating college

Before and After

Myself wearing different gown and holding different diploma. I think my face changed a little bit.

Rachael is my great friend. I happy to graduate high school and college with her.

Thanks my parents for always being there for me.

Fours of college went way to fast. There are so many things happened. I meet a lot of people and learned so many things. If want to write everything that happened, that will a dictionary. I also changed a lot for last four years. BEST FOUR YEARS EVER.

For next four years

1. Studying for GRE and Take the GRE
2. Decide a Graduate Program and APPLY
3. Get a job or internship
4. Finish Graduate School!!!
Degree from College (Left), Degree from High School (Right), I hope I will have Degree from Graduate School next to them in four years. Finger Crossed.