Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Graduation and Blogging Two Years Later: Happy Birthday Blog

Sorry for lack of blogging. I was busy moving back from Ashland. After living by myself and in a different city nearly a year, it takes sometime to adjust the environment in Portland and at home. 

Now it is the graduation season again. I realized, I started blogging right after my college graduation, so it is both anniversaries of my graduation and blogging life. 

Every graduation season, I do a little recap about my post grad life and make goals for next year and next a few years. I decide to make it as a tradition for celebrating my blog's birthday. 

Two Years Ago I Wrote

1. Studying for GRE and Take the GRE (done)
2. Decide a Graduate Program and APPLY(done)
3. Get a job or internship (I did an internship) 
4. Finish Graduate School!!! (I have an offer)

A Year Ago I Wrote
1. Finish Post-Baccaurate Certificate in Accounting Program (done) 
2. Find a permanent job using the skill I learn from last two jobs  (working on it)
3. Lose more weight and also build a better shape (working on it) 
4. Continue to improve cooking and cleaning skills (working on it)
5. Write better posts and hope to attract more viewership (getting better) 

There are goals/to-do-lists I already finished and still need to do!! Just like last couple of years, I will share my next steps. 

For Next Several Years 
1. Pass all parts of CPA Exam 
2. Finish graduate school 
3. Find a permanent job
4. Build better shape and healthier life style
5. More improvements in my blogging and writing career

I'd like to end my post with this quote
"We don't have to finish a school to have a graduation 
We don't to wear cap and gown for graduation 
We can celebrate graduation every time we complete a step in life
We graduate for all the moments of improvements and successes!!" 

Happy Birthday Blog!!
Happy Graduation EVERYONE!!