Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

This week's post will be quick and easy. I have A LOT of study to do for the next two and half weeks, so my next couple of posts will be short.

First, I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. This year we decided to go out. We want to thank my mom for cooking the whole time, so we showed our appreciation for giving her a break on thanksgiving day. We went to a restaurant called "Standford" near my house. Although it has been there for a long time, close to my house, and hard to miss, we never tried there before. The restaurant was very relaxing, and the food was delicious.

Starter: Soup of the Day-Tomato and Fish Soup. In my family, we always like to start our meal by having a bowl of soup no matter we are eating Asian food or American food.

Appetite: Artichoke and Spanish Dip with Chips. We really liked the Cream Cheese Dip. I need the recipe.
Main 1: Chicken Salad. The vegetable was fresh, chicken tasted great, and the dressing was excellent. There were even small pieces of Italian Bread in it. I love bread in a salad.

Main 2: Fish of the Day-Halibut Grill. My mother is a big fish person, so she enjoyed this.

Main 3: Turkey with Mush Potatoes. It was a special course in the restaurant for the holiday.

My mother and I are really to dig in!! We felt embarrassing by taking all those food pictures in the restaurant.

Last not least, Dessert: Pumpkin Cheesecake!! I am a BIG dessert person, so any dessert would make me happy. I think dessert is the BEST part of the entire meal. We were all STUFFED at that time, but we FORCED ourselves to eat it.

I know all the meals we ordered look OUTRAGEOUS and we did not have any left over (that means we ate EVERYTHING).

We had very relaxing weekend. We did not go Black Friday shopping, we just relaxed and chilled the entire break. The Good News is I already have my weight BACK!!!  I exercised very hard afterwards.

I had enough of break. Now, Time to go back to STUDY.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I feel thankful that.......

Happy Thankgiving Everyone!! What are you doing tonight? I am going out for dinner with my parents. We are going out, so my mother can take a break from cooking for us. I am going to eat a LOT tonight. I hope you all will have a great thankgiving no matter what you doing tonight. Remember to be thankful for whatever you have. If you can be thankful and satisfied for everything you have, you will be the happiest person. These are five things that I feel thankful to have.

I am thankful that......

1. I have a great mom. She is just great. I am thankful that she taught me all the right things to do. I can't thank her enough. She can do anything to raise me.

2. I have a lot of good friends. My life would not so good without them. I'd like to thank each of them for all the support when I need it.

3. I have/had a lot of wonderul Teachers. Besides my parents, they are also people who influence me. Thanks for inspire me and being great models.

4. The Mother Nature made my/our life so wonderful. Our lives would not be so wonderful without Sun, Moon, Water, Flower, Tree, etc. Thanks mother nature for creating a beautiful earth for us to live in.

5. The God created me and the world. I am not Christian or something religious, but I admire god. I believe it exists. Thank you god, you made my life filled with joy and surprises.

After I thanked everything, Now it is time to EAT!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Changes in the good way

Sorry Blog, I have been ignoring you. I was lazy to update it. I want to be a blogger who is not giving up.  No matter it is been read or not, I continue update. I will hopely have at least one post a week. Blogging can practice my writing and help myself improve. It can help me keep track what did for the week, so I can make sure I did not waste my time.

I need to change, I need to move on. I am growing up I am not a kid anymore. I need learn to be more responsible. I need to grow up. Sooner or later, I will start my professional career, owning a car, buying a house, and become parents of a child/children. I am entering the new stage of my life. These are the changes I need to do.

Changes 1: New Networking Method.
I will change from facebook to Link-in and Blog. I have been using facebook since end of my senior. I used it a lot for the past four years. It was my main social network for my college life. Sometimes I even felt bad that I spent way too much time than I should. Time to move on more professional world.

"Dear facebook, We have been friends for a long time, but from now on, I need to spend less time on it. I hope I can control myself to stay away from you. Thank you so much, Because of you I can keep in touch with my friends and reach out for help. Less facebooking..."

"Hello, Blog and Linked In, I still don't know you well. I hope I can be friends with you for a long time. We will be in a good relationship just like facebook and I did."

Changes 2: New Study Method
Although I am not in school anymore, I still have to study. Getting a bachelor degree does not mean my education is over. Like the PSU Principal said in the Commencement, "The day we graduate is the day the real education begins." Some learning is life long. Not all knowledge comes from studying. Some of them come from experience, movies, people etc. I need to maximize the my knowledge not only from text book. I believe if I live one more day, I will learn at least on more "thing."

I am going to study on my own. I will create a study plan for my daily life. Without being told or monitored. No class, no teacher, no supervision.

Changes 3: New Role in the Family
I was always the CHILD in the house. From now on, I will be more independent. I will lead the family like making vacation plans, cooking meals, doing being the driver, being in charge of one particular chore etc. This will make my mother's life easier. I depended so much on my parents as I grow up, it is the time to change that.

More Changes Will Come...............