Sunday, May 8, 2011

5 life lessons my mom taught me

Happy Mother's Day everybody. I hope all of the great mom in this world will enjoy, today. I also hope all of the great children will do something fun for your mom. In order to honor mother's day, I'd like to share lessons that my mom taught me. As I grow up, I admired my mom. She can do anything in order to raise me. I taught me a lot of stuff, and I learned most of my life lessons from her.

This is my mother, isn't she beautiful? I was a crazy child if you can recognalize.

1. The biggest enemy is yourself. She always tells this to me. She also told me that you are only one who can make you feel happy and sad. It is not somebodyelse or fate. Sometimes we don't have a choice when fate treat us badly, but we always have a choice to how to react for the fate. You can always find happiness if you can convince yourself. It is same as achieving a goal, if you can win yourself to not give up, you can achieve any goals. Your enemy is not others, it is you.

2. Do the right thing at the right time. She is very good at time management. Not only we need to manage our daily time, we also have to manage our life time. This is why not only we have to do the right thing, also on the right time. Sometimes things are determined by time. If you miss the chance, you just missed. The right time you missed would never come back. We don't want to believe the world is this way, but the world is like this. Don't waste time. Time is money. When it gone, it's gone.

3. People come to this world to get "trainned" She always tell this to me whenever I am going through a hard time or I see my friends going throgh their hard time. Life is not easy for all of us, and it is sometime unfair to people who have to suffer. If you all think about the tough times as a time to get trainned, it would not be so bad. There are a lot of trainnings during our life time, we will become better people after each trainning.

4. Write down everything!!! She always want to me do this. Write it down really helps, so I wouldn't forget and I can keep track everything. I write down my appointment times and to do list everyday, and it really helps, especially you are a busy person. Write down also help you remember everything. This is why I start this blog. I want to keep every moment of my life to be remembered. When I get older, I can always remember back. I'd like to start write a daily if I can keep writing it everyday.

5. Always learn! She always tell this to me whenever I said I would never use the material I learn in certain class or I waste my time doing something. There are no course materials and experiences are waste and never going to use. Learning does not always come from books. We can all learn from movies, life experiences, and almost everything. Education should be life long. We are always learning. People learn new things everyday. If I live one more day, I learn at least one more new thing.

I love you, Mom. Thanks for take care me, raise me and teach me do the right thing.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Love is Rain of Diamonds

I am in PSU women's choir this term. I love to sing in choir. Music stands big part of my life. I like to play piano and sing. Music motivates and insprises me. Also, it teaches lessons to me.

I love one of the songs we are singing now. It is called "Love is Rain of Diamonds" Words are so wonderful.  
"Love is rain of diamonds in the mind. The fruit of the soul sliced in two. A dark spring loosed at the lips of light underearth waters unlocked from their lurking to sparkle in the crevice parted by the sun. A temple not of stone but cloud beyound the roar of the heart and all violence blue permanence. Love is rain of diamonds"

If you know me well enough, I get inspired easily. After I sang the song,

I start to believe everyone has a beautiful diamond in their heart. When they fall in love, they give their diamond to the person they love. Falling love is like exchange diamonds from their heart. It is like exchange rings when they get married.

As you all know William and Kate got married. I feel happy for them. William find the right girl to give his diamond. William and Kate gave each other's diamond from all their heart.

Even though I can't go to the royal wedding, I went to a birthday party, last month. There were a lot of great romance had connections with the song.  

There is the birthday boy and his girl friend. What a romantic couple!!

There is another couple. They are so sweet.
Here is new married couple. They are very funny and cool.

I also met some new couples

Aren't they all look so cute?

Watching people fall in love is great. Life could not be better without love. Diamond from our heart is the most beautiful diamond in the world.

Someday,  I will fall in love, too. I have to give away my diamond.
Until that this diamond will safely secured in my heart.

I hope William and Kate will live happily ever after.
I am also wishing all of the couples in the world have wonderful life with each other.