Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I LOVE About Winter

Back in November, I wrote What I LOVE About Fall. I said I love the leaves and colors, food and holidays, and dressing up and the weather. I thought I should do this kind of post for every season. I do not a favorite season because every season has its own specialities, and they are similar to each other. 

1. Snow: I have love and hate relationship with snow, but I love it more than hate it. Snow makes everything look so pretty. Nothing better than waking in the morning and seeing outside is covered with whipped cream!! Some legend even tells that snow is gift with heaven. White Christmas is romantic as well. The hate part is that I don't want it too much. There was one year, we had limited mobility due to heavy snowed. We were pretty stuck at home for two weeks!! I also don't like to ski and skate, but I like play in the snow. 


2. Food and Holidays: Same as Fall, winter has a lot of holidays such as Christmas, New Year, and Valentine's Day. Plus both my mother's birthday and my birthday happens in winter. We have fun celebrating all the holidays and birthdays. There would be a lot of cooking and baking for the special days, and I LOVE FOOD. I also like the comfort food. Nothing warms me up better than a cup of hot soup in the winter days.  

3. Dressing Up for Cold: I know most of people do not like the cold weather in winter, but we can use this coldness to be fashionable. I enjoy wearing different kind of coats. I like to try different kinds of scarfs and gloves to match with the coats. I am not a hat person, but if you are, you can try different kinds hats as well. BE CREATIVE!! Winter is also the season for boots. This year, I bought my first pair of boots, and I absolutely LOVE them. Ideas for winter fashion are endless. 

I hope this post made your cold days better. 
Dear all my blog readers, do not get sick!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Break Recap

My winter break flew away. One month was too short for me. I did a lot of plans over the break, so I was booked for everyday. I made every moment account at home. 

1. I spend a lot of of time with my mother: This was my main event for the break. While I was in Ashland, I missed my mom so much. I did not know how the daily stuffs we do was so much fun. We had awesome time cooking, shopping, eating and going to gym together. We even made each other's Christmas present. I enjoyed every moment of it. (Now, I am back in Ashland and missing my mom, already)

2. I watched many GREAT movies: I was glad that there were a lot of fantastic  movies coming out over the holiday. It was cold and rainy outside for the most time, so we decided to stay inside. We saw "Twilight - Breaking Dawn 2," "Life of Pi," "Les Miserable," "Jack Reacher," "Anna Karenina,""Django Unchanged" etc. All the movies were classical, highly rated, and worth to watch. We spent our New Year Eve in the theater. We heard the count down as soon as the movie ended.   

3. I did tons of Zumba and other fitness classes: Since there were no fitness class at the school gym (I had to take as a credit class if I want to take it $$$), I tried to attend as many classes as I can at my local gym. It was nice experience getting back to the classes. Some of them made my muscle sore because I have not done classes for almost three months. 

4. I saw several of my friends from high school and college: I had lunch with several friends from college, and we had interesting conversation about our career and romantic life. I also attended a holiday potluck at my friends' place and we had marvelous time cooking our favorite dish. I even asked my long time no see high school friend for a cup of coffee. It was so nice to see her again, and we had endless chat about last a few years. 

5. I went to Seattle and Mt. Hood: We did not take a long vacation for this winter; we visited local spots.  Even though Seattle and Mt. Hood are only a few hours away,  going to both of them was special because we have not been to those places in YEARS. Instead of traveling far, it was fun to revisit some of the local places. We had good time eating meals, sightseeing, and walking in Seattle and Mt. Hood. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

13 Plans and Life Style Shifts in 2013

I hope everyone had a wonderful new year. My new year was great, and I will do a winter break recap on next week's post. Now, I am back in Ashland and ready to back to normal routine. 

Most people like to make new year's resolution in every beginning of the year. It is hard to keep them. I had several goals, last year, and I did not quite achieve them all. However, I sat for CPA exam and receive an internship offer, which is the hardest goal among all, so I guess I am alright. Every year, I try to change things around, so my resolutions will be more achievable. This year, instead of having goals and resolutions, I decide to have 13 doable plans and easy life style shifts to have accomplish them. 

Health and Fitness Related
1. Eat more servings of vegetables and fruit and cut desserts and other high calorie food
2. Cook for myself at least once a week 
3. Go for a run EVERYDAY, even just for 10 minutes 
4. Trip to gym 3 to 4 times a week for a heavy work out and engage different kinds of exercise each time in a weekly routine 

Study and Work Related
5. Look over CPA materials everyday until pass all the sections 
6. Stay focused on during study time and consider quality over quantity for hours
7. Arrive work and finish work ON TIME 
8. Do the work effectively and efficiently

Social and Self Improvement Related
9. Avoid eating alone and try to have most of the meals with other people
10. Entertain with friends and family at least once a week 
11. Increase productivity in doing chores
12. Vacuum my room and organize my stuff once a week
13. Play piano EVERYDAY for at least 30 minutes

Have a wonderful 2013!!