Monday, February 13, 2017

28 Blessings

Happy Birthday to Me!! Thank you very much for the birthday wishes from friends and family ALL OVER THE WORLD!! I am truly blessed.

After 28 years of living, one of the important things I learned is counting blessings... I understand that life is not easy, and plans usually would not go the way we wanted. Despite the fact that we might face many downtime and sadness, life is still filled with blessings. DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THAT. 

(Me and my mom in Hawaii last summer. We found love everywhere.)

Here are 28 gratefulness in my life. I hope more to come......

1. I am healthy
2. I know three languages
3. I have friends all over the world
4. I able to play piano
5. I have a job
6. I am highly educated
7. I am good with numbers
8. I love music
9. I am outgoing
10. I have sets of short term goals
11. I enjoy food A LOT
12. I like to travel
13. I can swim
14. I am an analytical person
15. I motivate myself to go to gym often
16. I am not too short nor too tall
17. I successfully lost some of my excess fat 
18. I have a great smile and enthusiasm 
19. I do not drink or smoke
20. I have a nice heart
21. I love hugs 
22. I look younger than my chronological age
23. I am not picky and open to everything
24. I have a blog
25. I like to learn new skills and take challenges 
26. I sleep well and barely anything can keep me awake
27. I enjoy writing and reading
28. I can bake and cook

Whenever I feel unsatisfied with my life or going through a tough time, I will pull up this list.