Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Place of Me

This post is a little different (boring) compared the regular posts. The reason I started this blog almost 2 years ago (WOW!! Time Flies), I wanted to keep touch with my friends from my updates. I was also thinking about I should practice my writing and keep tracking my daily life. I kept writing even only one person is reading (Hi, Mom!!) 

Another reason I started blogging was that I got inspired by several bloggers around the world. One of full-time bloggers Michelle from "Brown Eyed Baker" stated in her blog "Don't try to sound like someone else, or copy someone else's style. The very best thing you can do is to be yourself."

A few weeks ago, my hall mate Lizzy, she is also a blogger, told me that blogging is like having a space of her own. 

The purpose for this blog was for everybody to get know me better. However, I realized understood myself better through blogging. I'd like to thank "Xiaoxi's World" for allowing me to be myself and creating my own space. 

"This is the place, where I come to find myself
This is the place, where I can just be myself
This is the place, where I do not have to worry about how other people think of me. " 

Erika, my another hall mate posted this on her door. It is so TRUE. 

So, if you want to understand yourself better or need a space for yourself, I recommend you to start a blog. 

Remember to be unique!! 

Make sure to check out: Michelle from Brown Eyed Baker and Lizzy's Blog

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What I LOVE About Spring

If you been reading my blog long enough you will realize I posted What I LOVE About Fall and What I LOVE About Winter.  Weather is getting warmer and warmer, and this week is first week of April. It is a good time to write about spring. This post is my way of starting April and Spring term. Enjoy!

1. Flowers: I always start with nature related favorites!! For spring is definitely flowers!! It is the season of full blooming. They are just too beautiful and hard to resist. Whenever I see flowers on the street, I can't help myself staring at the flowers and take picture. Sometimes I even want to pick some flowers.   

2. Hope and Starting Over: Usually second one will be holiday related. The holiday during spring time is Easter. It is about rebirth. It gives a hope. Generally when the weather is getting better, people would start to feel the hope.  Spring is also the start of new school year in Japan and Korea. I lived part of my childhood in Japan. Spring is time to start over. 

3. Dress Up for Warm: I hope you already read about my previous posts, and you will realize I love dressing up. Spring is time to big coat (even I like them), and change to lighter cloth. During the spring time, I like to wear one piece of long sleeve with jeans. They are so comfortable.