Monday, January 19, 2015

Martin Luther King's Day

 Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and we did not have the day off. Actually today is my first day of spring semester!! Excited? Yes I am!! Well let's start the day with thoughts about MLK. 

Martin Luther King Jr. is my one of my favorite influential people. His power to be able to stand up for African American and change the world were impressive and admirable. He was a strong "non-violence" activist. His bravery and kindness will be remembered in people's heart forever!! This summer, I was fortunate enough to visit Washington DC and go to the Martin Luther King Memorial. I felt happy to take a picture with Dr. King.  

Not only he accomplished a lot for the society, but also left so many wonderful and inspiring quotes. My favorite is still "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only ligh can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that."
Lessons I learned from Martin Luther King's work
1. Do not afraid to take the risk that no one else can 
2. Do not afraid to believe the in your rights even other people feels wrong
3. Do not afraid to change the world that you'd like to see
4. Only positive can solve negative, negative can not 
5. Never give up in what you'd like to achieve 

Have a nice and inspirational monday

Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 New Years Resolution....FORGET ABOUT IT

Happy New Year!! Starting a new year means making new year's solutions. Everyone likes to make them, but not a lot people are able to keep them. I used to make a list of things I want to accomplish for the year, but it hard to keep up. I think the new year's resolutions fail because the list is not doable and too long to keep track. I found a way to make the new year's resolution doable and easy to keep track. Instead of a list of resolutions, I will just asking two simple questions when I wake up and before I go to bed each day.

Everyday I Wake Up, I Ask Myself
1) How can I myself happy? (physically and mentally)
       This means I am physically happy by exercise regularly and eat healthy and mentally happy by staying positive, staying connected with friends and family, and helping other people.

2) How can I make today productive? (meeting goals and finishing to-do list)
       This means I have to make sure I get all the tasks done on time, do not procrastinate and fall behind, and follow the plan. I am in a tense graduate program and I should waste any time. 

Everyday Before I Go To Bed I Ask Myself
1) Was today a happy day? If the answer is yes, that is a plus. If I also made someone else happy that is a double plus.

2) Was today a productive day? If the answer is yes, that is plus. If I was a head of the schedule that is a double plus.