Thursday, April 21, 2011

Operation: Magic

Last night, I saw an AMAZING Magic Show at my school for FREE. It is totally worth seen it. It part of PSU programming board's event. This is event was planned by my lovely friend and co-worker Tina!! YOu worked very hard for this event. Her hard work was paid off. The event was very successful. Thanks again for bring such a fun to the campus. Also thanks our magician, Scott Anderson for coming and making a such a fun show.

This awesome girl is Tina and our two awesome male co-workers. She also worked hard for the display board. Oh, both the people and the board look great!!

Good job, Tina. Reserve this display board is hard. I felt glad we finally have the board.

I wonder what is inside? Reveal the trick, please!!
People are coming!!! Yeah!!

Scott Anderson is not only a great magician, he is also a great person, too. When he was in military, he always make the injured children laugh by performing magic. Last trick is my favorite.

Thanks again for the great show.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tips I Learned about Job Hunting From Leadership Transition Conference

Last Friday, I went to the Leadership Transition Conference. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. I can't believe it is already April, and I only have less than two month left for my position. The conference was filled with excitement, but in the end I start to feel very sad about leaving. Seriously, I will miss serving as a leader at school. Enough about the saddness, I'd like to share some thoughts about what I learned from leadership conference. step. They are useful for job hunting. These helped guide into my next step because these are transitioning my student leadership experience into a career.

1. People get hired are who know what they want to do, what they can do, and there is actually an title for the job. They are also able to identify the capstone.

2. List the employers you want to work for.

3. Be specific about what you want  and what you can to do. More detail helps. Also tell stories are help as well. Show, don't just tell.

4. Leadership Experience is important because it shows you can work with other people, you can multitask and communicate well, and you have critical thinking and problem solving skill.

5. Every interview question comes back to "Why would I hire you?" Remember this for answering every question.

6. Just be who you are in the interview. Don't pretend to be some else. They want to hire you, not somebody you pretend to be. If you have to pretend to be somebody else, this job might not be your thing.

7. Leadership experiences can tie into your organizing, planning, and socializing

8. When you hear the question "Tell me about yourself," summarize your resume in 1-2 minutes. Start from education, then experience, then skill so on.

9. Prepare some questions to ask in the end of the interview.

10. Just smile!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My First Post

Hey, friends.

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a long time, and I finally started. Even though I have facebook, this is blog would be a better way to get know me. Because facebook only shows my picture, and that is only my outside. I only use facebook to keep in touch with friends.

For this blog: This is where I share about my fun times in my livfe and what I love to do.

This is only the beginning, so I hope I will build more as the time comes along.
If you want to be my follower, please do.
Thanks for reading
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