Sunday, August 25, 2013


Fact: I did NOT like taking standard tests.  

I am sure there are students out there who hate to take them as well. However, every one MUST take it if he/she wants to go to college and/or graduate school. Based from my experience, there some pros and cons about both tests, so not everything is bad . 

1. Does not take points off: I felt glad when I heard GRE does not take points for the wrong answers because SAT does. I can guess and mark all the answer spot freely. It is always better with answers than leave at blank. 

2. More flexibility in test dates: GRE are offer ALMOST EVERYDAY throughout the year. I am able to schedule any day I want. It even let people sign up at last minute if it was not busy. 

3. Release the score immediately: I know my raw score right after I finish taking the exam, so I do not have spend weeks waiting and worrying about the result. 

1. Testing Fee is expensive: Each test costs more than 100 dollars to take it. It is more than twice the price of taking the SAT. 

2. Limited Testing location: The test can be only taken at a Prometric testing center. There are only couple of locations each city, so a lot of people would feel inconvenient. 

3. Previous section affects next section: This might be only me; I did not like the part how my performance from previous section affect next section. GRE also sends score to the Universities directly. 

1. Testing Fee is cheaper: SAT is only 50 dollars, so it is more feasible for students who would like to take it multiple times. 

2. Previous section does not affect next section: Each section is independent. I was able to refresh from transitioning to the next section, and I did not have to worry about performance in the previous one. 

3. Convenient testing: The test is offer at ALL high schools, so it is easier to commute. 

1. Does Take points off: This made me scared of guessing the answer. I was only answered the questions which I was confident with. I hoped all the answers were correct, so no point would been taken off. 

2. Less often offered: SAT is offer only several times in a year, usually once a month. 

3. Take time to know the score: I did not enjoy waiting for test result for several weeks back in high school.  There are also deadlines for application, so students have to schedule the exam date prior to the deadline.