Sunday, November 2, 2014

Girl Talk 5 - Dealing with Rejections

I am very sorry about no blog for a month and half. Graduate School is INSANE!! Well, busyness would take my time away with this lovely blog:)

Let's talk about Rejections, Shall we? This probably the HARDEST topic on the "GirlTalk" ever. Rejection is not only from a guy; it can be you applied for a school/job, and you did not get in, you auditioned for a play, and you did not land a role, you want to join a sport team, but you were disqualified. I have deal with a lot of these, and I am not the who handled well. However, I'd like to share how I (suppose) to overcome.

Confession: I have been rejected three times in my life. First time was junior year in high school, another one was senior in college, and last one was last year in Ashland. (Recently, I was rejected by two guys) Those were painful experience. I cry sometime, not for the guy, for myself. I never thought "How come he does not like me?" I think "I am not good enough!!"

The first one was being friends zoned. The guy asked me how to ask a guy asked me to how to ask another girl to the school dance. I should have told me my feeling that it really hurt me.

The second one was not being brave enough to confess, and later, he found another girl. I should have told me my feeling earlier.

The third was misunderstanding, I though he liked me; however, he only wanted to be friends. Friend zoned....I should NOT have confess or I should have been strong about it.

Recent two rejections? Sorry I am not ready to share them, yet.

The sad and disappoint feelings would stay with me for a long time. However I would feel in the end that it is better to get rejected in the first place then end up with a relationship, job, program, or anything that does not fit me. 

I might face more rejections from guys and I will face many kinds of rejection in the future. It is UNAVOIDABLE. I learned that: "Be BOLD with Confession, and Be STRONG with the Result."

I admit that I was not bold when tried to confession and I was not strong enough to handle the result, but I am slowly become stronger with rejection.

I am sure the girls who are reading this are able to be BOLD and STRONG.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

9.11/Ground Zero Memories

As you all know that today is 9.11.14. This day will always remain in our lives. The day the twin tower was destroyed and thousands of lives were gone. What a tragic moment in the US and rest of the world. I can not believe it has 13 years since then. It seems like it was just yester day.

13 years ago, I was a middle school student in Japan. I just started to learn English and barely knew anything about the US. Also I did not know about Twin Tower. One day I heard the news, I was shocked!! But, I was too young to truly understand anything. Then I came to the US, and see people honor 9.11 each year and I expressed my thoughts along with other people. However, I did not become truly affiliated with 9.11until I traveled to New York last summer.
I wish I could see the Twin Tower before the incident. Unfortunately, this will never happen.

Look all the names!! I felt deeply sorry for them. Even though I do not know any of them, I almost cried when I read their names. Before I visited Groundzero, I only knew about 3000 people had lost their lives, but after I look through the names, I can't help thinking "they all have loved one at home waiting for them, and how did their families will react after hearing their father/mother/daughter/son will never come home again so suddenly?"

3000 names =3000 stories.... Each story would have more tears than just 3000 number of dead ones. 
Saddest part of the event is that we cannot do anything to change the history. I really hope this day was never happened. Only thing we can do is to pray and hope this kind incidence will NEVER EVER happen again.
I understand that we are all busy with study and work, but please take a moment to pray and remember those people. I was super tired with all the homework; however, I still took time to write this entry. Thanks for everyone who read it!!
Bring the world a peace!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Girl Talk 4 - True Beauty

Graduate school is getting very busy for me at this moment. I am having hard time finding time to blog; however, I will try to post at least the "Girltalk." I LOVE writing "Girltalk" because not only I received a lot of positive reviews from my friends for previous entries, but also I could have a chance to express my opinion for girl related issues.

Confession: I was not secure about my look. I used to be very fat during my teenage years, and I also had issues with my skin. Even some people were telling me "you are beautiful," I was not confident about that. "They were just being nice to me." I was telling this to myself. Well, we all know that outer beauty more important than inner beauty; however, pretty people have more advantage for sure. Later I realized outer beauty and inner beauty interrelated with each other, so outer beauty is as significant as inner beauty
(Later I lost some weight, and my skin issue slowly disappeared, so appearance changes through time passes. Do NOT worry that much!)

The "basic beauty" is to have a gentle heart, so be a kind person first. Did you know that face tells the person's personality? Sweet people would more likely to be stunning. Next, be optimistic as much as you can. Do you know "smile is the best make up a girl can wear"? If a girl can be happy ALL the time, she is more attractive than other girls. Lastly, be smart for all. It is NOT hard, and every body CAN be smart. You do not need to go to Iny League school to be smart. A smart girl knows how to make herself elegant, make the right decision for picking boys, pay attention to other people's feeling etc. Nice, optimistic, and smart girl definitely look gergous outside.

"Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty; however, people only can see the outer beauty at the first sight. I believe Inner beauty reflects outer beauty, so beautiful people are beautiful inside out"

Sunday, August 31, 2014

How to Survivie in Studying Accounting

My MBA classes started this week. It was a little challenging for me to go back to studying mode after been out of school for more than a year. I started to taking accounting, marketing, management and all the other FUN classes. Accounting and all other topics in  is a hard topic to study. I hope the tips of I learned in college will help me and all of my classmates survive this semester. 

1. Using visuals: Everybody's learning skill is different; I am a very visual learner. Whenever I feel the material is confusing, I try to put in the diagram. Flowchart helped me understand the operation part of the accounting.

2. List out all the equations: Accounting associated with a lot of equations. Equations are like the rules of accounting and almost everything follows those rules. Listing out every significant equation can be useful for studying taxes and financial and managerial accounting.

3. Draw a timeline: Accounting is not only to solve the number of dollar value correctly, but also make sure they come out the right time. Some accounts does not realize and recognize at the same and time value of money changes over time. Using timeline made me learn accrual and deferral account and finance easier.

4. Think like a puzzle: Audit is somewhat like a puzzle. If you liked play with puzzle or like to be investigative, you might find accounting interesting to learn. Auditing is similar to finding the missing piece in the puzzle. After thinking accounting as a puzzle, it would not sound it a difficult topic to master.  

5. Be logical: Although there are MANY theories, regulations, laws in accounting, tax and auditing are to memorize; however, they all have logic. If you can think logically about the situation, you can guess the answer on the tests and score high on them.

Good luck with everyone who is study accounting and/or other business areas!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Brown Sugar Shortbread (My Mother's Favorite Cookie)

I like to bake and I LOVE to bake something that is my mother's favorite. Among all my treats, she enjoys Brown Sugar Shortbread the most. I baked these for her before I moved to Salem. It was also GREAT HIT from the bake sale I did for fundraising last year. It is quick and simple to make and taste great. This recipe is from Your Homebased Mom
1 cup of Butter (room temperature)
3/4 cup of Brown Sugar
2 teaspoons of Vanilla Extract (use pure)
2 cups of Flour

Melted Chocolate Chip for Dipping

1. Preheat oven to 350F
2. Cream butter and brown sugar together
3. Add vanilla extract
4. Gradually floor until the dough becomes manageable
5. Make two inch logs and place in the baking sheet
6. Bake for 8-10 min until edges turned brown

Enjoy with a cup of tea.

Share with your friends and family; I guarantee they will enjoy them.
You can even sale them in a bake sale, I promise it would be sold out quickly.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Post 100 Happy Days Reflection

I did "100 Happy Days" from May 1st to Aug 9. It was a great experience. The reason I started this project was I was having some tough times, and I really needed find a way to stay positive. I realized that summer was coming, so I do not want to let the beautiful sunshine go waste due to bad days.

I do admit this happiness project was not easy. I thought it would not be too hard for me because I am a very optimistic person; however, there were days just difficult to be happy. I still maintained happiness by pretty scenery, delicious food, talking to people etc. There were many simple ways to be happy. There were also days that I was extremely happy, and I was excited to share the status with everyone. I am glad I did not give up in the middle.

I would like to thank everyone who followed me, and "liked and/or commented" my posts. I understand some people would think it was a silly thing to do; however, it meant a lot to me. I wish my happiness could have brought you some happiness as well.  

So friends, if you have the time and energy, please try some 100 happy days. I believe it is a great treatment when you are facing the tough time.

From this project, I learned to take the time to appreciate everything around me and happening to me.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Girl Talk 3- What is Being a Girl/Woman?

Welcome to my third Girl Talk!! I am have been enjoy writing them and I still have many topics to go!! This girl talk is short, but the answer is so VARIOUS. There are lots of rooms for thoughts and imagination. As usual every Girl Talk starts with a confession.

Confession: I often think I am not a normal girl. I do not care about wearing make up, shopping for clothes and accessories, and approaching boys. I barely wear make up, dress whatever I want, and I talk to boys carelessly. I am not into "the stuff" girls suppose to enjoy and think about. Being a girl/woman really means having a pretty face, knows how to dress, and able to catch boys' attention by talking to them? Well, it can mean those thing, but it could be different things. So, what is about being a girl anyway?

Well, it is UP TO THE GIRL/WOMAN. All girls/women are different. Every girl/woman is unique in her own way, and she has the freedom to decide what being a girl/woman means to her. Universally, girl/woman able to be independent and confident.  Being independently think about how much make up to wear, what clothes represents her, and the way to talk to their love interest. There is no standard rule, just be confident about who you are.

Go Girls, You are awesome the way you are!!