Saturday, March 29, 2014

Blessing to Work as an Accountant

One day in the office, my boss said this to us: "I really hate my job, I wish the government just give flat tax rate. I rather lose my job than doing all those." I was so surprised. I know it is busy tax season, and we are all stressed out about it. I also understand there are barely people in the world really like their job. However, complaining would not be necessary. Everyone can find a joy in their jobs. I am might be too optimistic, but always counting blessing no matter it is for work, study, family, etc could make life better. These are anything about accounting/auditing/taxation. 

1. Playing with puzzle and being the detective: Accounting work can be retarded and too detailed oriented, and these tough quality job make us good at solving complicated problems. Auditing is a lot like finding the missing piece of puzzle. Accountants require judgment, so we can be money detective. 

2. Interacting and working with many people: I thought the work that accountants do is sitting on desk all day and crutch numbers; however, it is much more than that. Sometimes we meet with clients for our tax and/or auditing service. We also interact with different departments in the office. 

3. Solving money problems: Helping people as a job is wonderful to do. Accountants provide tax service to target higher return and ease out the debts. All jobs in the world have to do with "making others' lives better." When we consider the happiness that customers get from the work we do, there would be nothing to complain about our jobs. 

4. Providing businesses growth: It is fun to write a business plan and be creative. I did not know accounting could be creative. I realized creativity is necessary for any field, it is not only for writing, drawing, and marketing. We can help our clients brainstorm the ways to assist their business to expand. 

5. Working in the safe office place: Being in the office is the best working environment. We do not have to worry about dangerous electronics and hazardous chemicals. Sometimes we can enjoy the view from the office. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Conquer Quarter Life *Crisis

I turned 25, and I am HAPPY about it. I had wonderful birthday celebration. I received a lot of birthday wishes from Facebook, my parents spoiled me with homemade cake and fancy dinner, and I even treated myself for a sweet trip to my favorite town in this world called Ashland. However, first thought about turning 25 was filled with ANXIETY.  

I started to have anxiety since I was 16. My emotion has been ups and downs till now. Even though I always look happy and want to inspire and motivate people, there were times I feel lost and just want to cry. These are the ten tips helped recover from some of the downtime and will help going through more anxiety attacks in the future. 

*I don't like to word "crisis" and I do NOT think it is crisis. It is more like moments, issue, process, etc.

 1. You are NOT the only one: Believe it or not, everyone has to go through this type of downtime sometime in their lives from age 15 to 29. There are only a few people who are perfectly fine growing up without any kind of anxiety. 

2. Everybody is different: Most late teens or 20s like to compare their success with others with the same age group. They might feel jealous when they see other peoples lives in the better stage. Please do NOT compare with other people. Some people are better in one way, and it doesn't mean they are more superior than others. Everyone is special and unique. 

3. Talk to people: It would be so much better if you talked with someone who understand you and care about you like friends, teachers, and/or relatives. I was blessed with many great friends who always understood me and encouraged me. I am also glad that I met a lot nice professors and mentors who gave me a lot of advices. 

4. Engage in social/network activities: Keep yourself involved and busy would helpful in any crisis. The social network events create more connections, and a lot of job opportunities comes from the connections. This would help people get the job/career they want. 

5. List out things you like/good at/want to do: You would not how good you are until. The list could be a long list. You will get confidence from them. Building confidence is As more you list, you will define who you are and find the pathway you want to follow. 

6. Exercise and stay healthy (young): No matter how old we are get we need to exercise. For me, exercise help me clear my mind every time I am lost. It is the BEST way to release stress and build strength. 

7. Believe that stress is good: There are many negative facts about stress; however, there are good parts as well. If you are stressed out, that means you have dreams and not giving up. If you have no stress, you do not have goals and things to achieve in life. 

8. Get inspirations from success stories/books/movies: Whenever the times in life just do not feel motivated or inspired, take a break. Let's get out from house and ask friends out to watch a movie or go to library to read a good book. At least go on-line do some research, and you will feel refreshed. 

9. Wait patiently and right thing will come at the right time: Whenever the crisis/trouble was big and there is absolutely nothing you can do, the best way is to "wait." Everything will get better as time goes by. Usually people get panic if they do not succeed or get the result they'd like immediately. Good thing sometimes happens later, and it is only for the people who wait. 

10. Work hard and stay positive: I am strong believer of anything CAN be achieved from diligent work and positive thoughts. There NOT a goal you can not reach, and there is NOT a problem you can not solve. 

Lastly, I'd like to you to remember: "There are always going to be anxiety in life. Little kids went thought it and older people have it as well. Most of young people can survive from it and everything will get better. Only small amount of them can not conquer quarter life crisis." 

Friday, February 21, 2014

My Thoughts About Ashland

Last weekend, I visited Ashland. It was a short but very productive trip. I saw most of my friends and talked. I had SO MUCH FUN!! This was a birthday gift for myself, and I missed my friends a lot. Also, I needed a break from work and family. The busy tax season is coming up at work, so this trip will help me go through the crazy season. 

When I arrived, I realized, the town was just beautiful. 
Everything stayed the same.
Everyone welcomed me, and the place welcomed me.

I came to my old dorm and saw my room. 
No one live here anymore.
It is still the same hall and filled with memories. 

My friends' conversation picked up immediately. 

This shows our tight connections. 
Even we live apart, we still feel like we met, yesterday.
I feel blessed to have so many good friends in Ashland. 
The talks we had was just like the old times. 
My hall mates even had accidental reunion. 
I felt like I never left the city. 

Here is my thoughts: 

"Every time I go to Ashland, I feel everything will be OK.
Everything did get better; actually everything was perfect in Ashland. "

I decided that every time I want a break or relief for anything in life, I would come to Ashland to get away. 

This place gave me hope. 

This place was like heaven.
When I went school here, I received good grades, made good friends, met a lot of nice people, and gave me encouragement for the future. 
Everything I wanted was there. 
Ashland never let me down

Friday, February 14, 2014

Single on Valentines Day?? So What!!

Happy Valentine's Day!! OR, Happy Single Awareness Day!! I know there are singles out there who hate this day. I don't know why. I mean, even you don't have a "date", there ares still PLENTY of other ways to enjoy 2/14. 

Here are some ways celebrate or not celebrate this day.

1.  Have a Single Ladies/Guys Night Out: I believe having a this kind of night out is as much as fun as going to a date. Sometimes it is even more exciting. A formal date can be stressful. A fun night would be casual and relaxing.

2. Spend Time With Family and Friends and Give Love to Them: Valentine's Day is about all giving love. You can only give romantic love to one person; however, other love. Valentine's Day Write a Valentine's card and/or give treats and flowers to people you respect is also a great way to honor Valentine's Day. 

3. Use This Day As a Chance to Make a Move: The main problem with people stay single is that they are so afraid of make the move. Making the move is NOT that difficult. Couple valentines ago, I did ask a guy for lunch on Valentine's Day. I was nervous at first; however, I glad that he said "Yes." Even though we did not go beyond "just lunch," I still felt great I did make the move. 

4. Excuse to Eat Candies, Buy Flowers, and/or Watch Chick-Flicks Etc: All ladies can use this day to indulge yourself. This might be beneficial for single ladies. There are guys don't like candies, flowers, and/or chick-flicks etc. Girls might feel bad for those guys by pushing them to buy a flowers and candies and forcing them to watch chick-flicks. 

5. Don't Care All, Just Think Like ANY Another Day: Trust me, there ARE people who doesn't care about Valentine's AT ALL. 
To those haters: if you don't like it, just ignore it, please don't hate it. 

My Valentine's Day Plan This Year
I would treat Valentine's Day like an ordinary day. I will let my family and friends know how much I love and they mean to me. I made heart shaped cookies with chocolates and chocolate covered strawberries, then give some of them out and eat the rest to myself. 
Lastly I'd like to leave my reader with this thought: people should have nice heart to honor this day. No one should hate this day. This day is all about LOVE. It is not about compare yourself with others about whether have a date or not. It is about giving and caring. When you enjoying your date or whatever plans you have for tonight, please remember to give more love to your lover, family and friends. As long as you have love in your heart, you will be happy forever. 

Happy LOVE Day!! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

25 Bucket List

Happy Birthday to ME!! I am turning 25 today, CRAZY, right? It is hard to believe to be quarter century old. Time moves fast, so I better putting a list of things I want to do.  
Believe it or not, we all have a "bucket list" in our lives. Some of you would not call it bucket list, but everyone has at least list of a to-do list in their lives. These are mine, some of them are very silly, and some of them might take several years of accomplishment. I hope I can achieve all.  

Traveling Related:
1. Travel to Europe to see the real historic statue 

2. Visit Japan to my childhood friends

3. Climb the Great Wall of China

4. Watch a Broadway Show

5. Go to Times Square Countdown

Academic and Career Related:
6. Have my own business

7. Attend graduate school

8. Work for international firm

9. Take a class in an Ivy school for fun

Culinary Related:
11. Learn how to pipe cupcake/cake

12. Be good at shaping sweets and dim sum

13 Make noodles and paste from scratch (start with flour)

14. Make puff pastry

Sewing Related:
15. Sew my own cloth

16. Knit a doll

Entertainment Related:
17. Set a good seat in a famous singer's concert

18. Have dinner at Portland City Grill

19. Watch sun rise from mountain

20. Able to play level 10 piano song
21. Take a family portrait at a studio 

22. Write a story book

23. Run 5K, 10K, and then half marathon

24. Wear bikinis

25. Play with ceramic wheels

I am looking forward to cross out and increase my bucket list in the near future. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Basic Truffle Recipes

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I decided to share my family's favorite truffle recipe.Valentine's Day equals chocolates and candies, right? They are the perfect Valentine Gift. We make those for gift even it is not Valentine's Day, and sometimes we just make for ourselves. This recipe is from my mother.

When it comes to chocolates, I do not eat candy bars from the snack food idle. I like to buy rich and beautiful truffle from stores such as See's Candies. Buying truffle costs a lot money; however, they can be simply made at home with very basic ingredients. After getting taught by my mother, it was easier than I expected. After I mastered truffle making, I do not have to spend extra money on store bought truffles. 
1 Cup of Semi-Sweet/Milk/Bitter Sweet Chocolate Chips (I Used Milk) 
6 TBSP of Butter
1/2 Cup of Apricot Jam or Any Jam 
2 TBSP of Apricot Brandy or Regular Brandy(optional) 

Coating: nuts, powdered sugar, cocoa etc. 

1. Melt the chocolate chips and butter slowly in a bowl over the hot water with low heat. Be careful not to burn the chocolate. 
2. After the chocolate and butter are melted, take out from the heat and cool to room temperature 
3. Add jam and brandy if you like
4. When every thing is well combined, put it in the fridge for more cooling. 
4. As soon as the chocolate got firm and became manageable, take out from the fridge. 
5. Roll it into 2 inch balls (I recommend using a small ice cream scoop to make all the balls into same size). 
5. Coat the truffle with nuts, cocoa, powder, sugar etc.
Suggested additional coating: coconuts, crush candy cane, sprinkles 

There is no better way to spend Valentine's Day making these!! 
Impress your lover and/or family for these on Valentine's Day!! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Textbook Vs. Real World Accounting

When I started taking accounting classes, I thought accounting is just about addition and subtraction, putting the numbers in the right rows and columns, and using the correct percentage and rate. However, I was TOTALLY wrong. There were WAY more in the "Accounting Academic."

When I started working as an accountant, I thought accounting work is similar to all the practice and test problems. However, this ALSO give me a surprise. Not only it was EXTREMELY different, but also there were MANY to consider in the "Accounting World." 

I talked about my experience with studying accounting HERE last year. This year, I will talk about real world accounting. 

1. Perfect Number vs. Decimal Number: In text book, the numbers are perfect zeros. In the real world, perfect barely happen. Accountants have to be very careful. When one mistake is made, it would be like finding pennies. 

2. Computer Print vs. Hand Writing: Doing accounting work itself is already tedious; furthermore reading all scratch from the client wrote is very painful. Sadly not all client brought documents are typed and some bosses and/or co-workers can be challenging hand writing, too.  

3. Whole Piece vs. One Piece: Accounting classes usually teach the entire company's accounting.  At work people only work in one area of the accounting system, such as just payable, receivable, payroll, tax, etc. It can opposite. School can only teach one piece and work feel like the whole piece. For example, revenue department, text can only mention one types of revenue, but in reality, there are SO many subcategories of revenue. 

4. Pass Grade vs. ABSOLUTELY No Error Allowed: The students can pass the class by having 70% correct. They can get an "A" by ONLY scoring 93%.  Unfortunately, the real world has NO percentage correctness in financial statements. The result has to be100% accurate, otherwise they can not be return to the client. 

Additional Work Outside of Textbook

1. Not only we have to enter the dollar amount right, but also the account number, item number, order number etc. 

2. Memorizing the names of the product, customer, and related bank account. 

3. Ask customers to pay to amount owed, and/or ask the suppliers for forgiveness about late payments. 

4. Due to clients can bring the additional information late or the document could get lost, sometimes there would be a missing piece. 

Overall, it is NOT like the test questions, only the dollar amount matters, do not have to talk to customers and suppliers, and all the require information provided. 

Accounting class is NOT "math class" like I thought. I felt ashamed when I said math is tough in high school 

Accounting job is NOT only "getting the numbers right." I felt it would be so simple just getting the numbers correct. How come I thought it was so difficult back then?  I guess life only gets harder.