Friday, February 22, 2013

Five things I LOVE about Ashalnd

I have been to Ashland for since September. I ABSOLUTELY love it from the deepest my my heart. Let me share!!

1. People are SO FRIENDLY!! Seriously, every one can feel live at home in Ashland. There are very a few criminal cases here. I feel very safe living in this town. I love walking down the street and seeing people smiling at each other. If I ever want to ask for help, there always people there, so I feel worry free in Ashland.

2. The town is very ARTISTIC: There are a lot of interesting shaped sculptures on the street. Ashland is also the town of Oregon Shakespeare Festival. There are talented musicians performing on the streets as well. Furthermore, I really like how people dress up in Ashland. I even learned some fashion tips observing them. 

3. EVERYTHING is in walking distance: It is extremely convenient!! A poor student like me can not afford a car. I can go everywhere without a car. I also like to walk, and the weather is good almost all year around. the weather and structure of the city match well together. 

4. There are a lot of DELICIOUS food: I am a foodie, so I enjoy living a city with different kinds of food. Even Ashland is a small town, there are a lot of restaurants and cafes. Explore and try new food is what I love to do during my free time. I like the Bakeries and Italian Restaurants in Ashland. 

5. The view are so BEAUTIFUL: Ashland is beautiful town in general. I enjoy sighting every day. We can even access to the outdoor easily. There is big nature park called "Lithia Park" in the downtown area. We can see the mountain of Ashland from almost anywhere in the city. 


Friday, February 15, 2013

24 Things I Feel Grateful About My Life

Yes, it was my Birthday this Monday. I admit that I am 24!! I am longer in the early 20s. Welcome to middle 20s. Time if flying by. It was like yesterday when I turned 23 and posted about 23 lessons I learned for the past 23 years.
Additional I learned from this past year:
"Life is about learning lessons and being grateful for everything you have!!"
So for the everyday of rest of my life, I will constantly be improving myself and being thankful for what is around me. 

Here are the 24 greatest things in my life.

1. I have a great mother
2. I can speak three languages
3. I am able to go to school 
4. I have friends all over the world
5. I love cooking 
6. I have the body that able to exercise
7. I live in a city with wonderful nature
8. I live in the US with out worry about visa 
9. I met a lot of influential professors and advisers as I grew up
10. I got educated not only academically 
11. I have the appetite for delicious food all over the world
12. I live in the time with peace and no war 
13. I surround all the kind people
14. I get inspired and motivated by quotes 
15. I am not short nor too tall
16. I was born in era with fast growing technology
17. I get saved by music 
18. I like to smile
19. I love to hug 
20. I feel god is besides me
22. I live in the country and spices with great technology. 
23. I do not have mental or physical disadvantage
24. I do not have drinking and smoking problems

“Don't make a wish, only make it come true!!”

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Five Things I Learned from Tax Training

Big apologize for not posting this sooner. As the title says I had "training" last week, and it was tough. I felt super tired every day I came back. Since I was tired and stressed, I partied a lot during the weekend, and I was hesitated to update. I will be sharing lessons about filing taxes and dealing with work in general.

1. Be Organized From the Beginning: If I did not do this, I would waste a lot of time doing it all over again. Plus this could lead to headaches and pains by going back. It was important to make as less mistakes as I can. Sometimes one small error can ruin the entire return, so I have to be very careful. 

2. Cross Numbers Off As It Goes: This was important for preparing tax returns. It helps keeping track what is already filled and what is leftover.  

3. Use the Binder and Notepads: Although have been using binders and notepads since high school, NOW I finally realized how they can make my life much EASIER. Binder keeps the documents to together, so I would not get mixed up or lose anything. Notepads makes finding the necessary information quicker. They are lifesaver for preparing tax returns. 

4. Supervisors are Not Professors: It was a hard transition from having my work reviewed by a professor to a supervisor. Professor would be happy to answer my questions and correct mistakes, but supervisor might not. During the orientation, my boss said: "(my supervisor's name) is not (my professor's name)." This scared me. 

5. Ice Cream Brings People Together: There was ice cream Friday every week. It was part of the firm's tradition, and everyone loves it. We had great taking a break from tax returns and social. I learned people like ice cream regardless of their age, gender, and ethnicity. I felt ice cream can make people happy bring people together.

Some picture from the ice cream social 
Here is to THOUSANDS more tax returns to FILE!!