Thursday, April 21, 2011

Operation: Magic

Last night, I saw an AMAZING Magic Show at my school for FREE. It is totally worth seen it. It part of PSU programming board's event. This is event was planned by my lovely friend and co-worker Tina!! YOu worked very hard for this event. Her hard work was paid off. The event was very successful. Thanks again for bring such a fun to the campus. Also thanks our magician, Scott Anderson for coming and making a such a fun show.

This awesome girl is Tina and our two awesome male co-workers. She also worked hard for the display board. Oh, both the people and the board look great!!

Good job, Tina. Reserve this display board is hard. I felt glad we finally have the board.

I wonder what is inside? Reveal the trick, please!!
People are coming!!! Yeah!!

Scott Anderson is not only a great magician, he is also a great person, too. When he was in military, he always make the injured children laugh by performing magic. Last trick is my favorite.

Thanks again for the great show.

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