Sunday, May 1, 2011

Love is Rain of Diamonds

I am in PSU women's choir this term. I love to sing in choir. Music stands big part of my life. I like to play piano and sing. Music motivates and insprises me. Also, it teaches lessons to me.

I love one of the songs we are singing now. It is called "Love is Rain of Diamonds" Words are so wonderful.  
"Love is rain of diamonds in the mind. The fruit of the soul sliced in two. A dark spring loosed at the lips of light underearth waters unlocked from their lurking to sparkle in the crevice parted by the sun. A temple not of stone but cloud beyound the roar of the heart and all violence blue permanence. Love is rain of diamonds"

If you know me well enough, I get inspired easily. After I sang the song,

I start to believe everyone has a beautiful diamond in their heart. When they fall in love, they give their diamond to the person they love. Falling love is like exchange diamonds from their heart. It is like exchange rings when they get married.

As you all know William and Kate got married. I feel happy for them. William find the right girl to give his diamond. William and Kate gave each other's diamond from all their heart.

Even though I can't go to the royal wedding, I went to a birthday party, last month. There were a lot of great romance had connections with the song.  

There is the birthday boy and his girl friend. What a romantic couple!!

There is another couple. They are so sweet.
Here is new married couple. They are very funny and cool.

I also met some new couples

Aren't they all look so cute?

Watching people fall in love is great. Life could not be better without love. Diamond from our heart is the most beautiful diamond in the world.

Someday,  I will fall in love, too. I have to give away my diamond.
Until that this diamond will safely secured in my heart.

I hope William and Kate will live happily ever after.
I am also wishing all of the couples in the world have wonderful life with each other.

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