Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer To Do List Part 5: Road Trip to Ashland

Each summer, my family tries to take at least one road trip.  This year we went to Ashland, Oregon. It a small town on the south side of Oregon. I am going to attend Southern Oregon University for a term this year, so it was the perfect chance to visit the city. 

1. Food Was Delicious: There were a lot of great restaurants!! I can't wait to explore more. 
Aren't those dishes pretty?
These dough-nots were yummy in the tummy 

2. Nature Was Beautiful: Downtown Ashland was a lot similar to Downtown Portland, but much quieter and more artistic. I think I like Ashland better. 
There were roses like Portland. 
There was even a deer on the street!!
In front of the OSF

We had a nice walk at Lithia Park. 

3. Saturday Market was interesting: Saturday Market in Ashland was not as big as Portland, but it was definitely more interesting. 
Look those peppers!! They are so colorful!!
I did not know there were this many kinds of eggplants!!

Lastly, I had fun moving into my dorm. Meet roommate!! Her name is Muriel Sadleir-Hart. She is very sweet. I  am looking forward to live with her.

I am excited for SOU!! I will post more about SOU and the awesome week I had!! So Stay Tuned!! 

Mean while, I will be busy study and missing my mom.

This was taken in front of my dorm before my parents left. 

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