Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Five Favorite Things to Conquer Stress and Get Motivated

Once up the time, I heard this phrase from a wise woman "life would not get easier, it only gets different." My understanding is "stress happens to people regardless of their age, gender, nationality, occupation and economic status." Everybody is the same, no one is better than other. Stress seemed never end, so I had to come up with ways to conquer stress.  

1. Music: I love listening to songs. This help me a lot. I forgot how many times I was saved by all the wonderful and powerful lyrics. Every time I feel scared, down, or pressured, I will listen to my favorites, then I would stand up again. 

2. Exercise: I release a lot of stress from exercising. I feel refreshed and cleared my mind after a good work-out. If you do not like exercise, you can just simply take a walk. You will be surprised how much you will feel better after that. 

3. Food: Eating is the easiest way to enjoy life. Great food is always make me love life, and all the stress will be forgotten. I also like to cook. After I finish a wonderful meal, I would feel motivated again. 

4. Movies: Good movies teach people life lessons. Movies shows different side of life and make us see things we don't usually see. Sometimes I watch movies to learn how to get over with all the problems and tough times in life. 

5. Writing: Part of blogging is my stress management. That is why  I kept writing. Writing is a way to "express" your stress. I believe portion of the stress will be released after "expressing it." This blog is not only where I use it to release my stress, this somewhere I can just be "me."

If you love music, you will life will be fill with melody
If you love exercise, your life will be filled with energy
If you love food, your life will be filled with abundance
If you love movie, your life will be filled with entertainment
If you love writing, your life will be filled beauty

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