Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Year After Graduation - Five Things I Have Accomplished So Far

Graduation season continues. Last weekend PSU, OSU, and U of O had their graduation commencement. I was surprised that all three schools had the same day for commencement. My Facebook news feeds were busy with my friends' graduation updates. Wow!! I still don't feel this photo was actually taken a year ago. It was just like yesterday. Time just flies and I can't stop it!! 
I did some reflection about this past year and summarized what I have accomplish so far. 

In my last post I talked about five things I learned, and for this post, I am going to talked about five things I did after graduation.  (Are there any of my blog readers realized I really like the number five?)

1. I am half way done with my Post-Baccaurate Certificate in Accounting Program. The fall term following my graduation, I started online Post-Bacc Program. First, I was scared of whether I can balance work and study or not. I also never took online classes before, so I was worried. Well, there was no fear with the flexible and helpful online education. Now I am more than half way done, my grades are good so far, and I learned a lot.  

2. I worked two jobs. So far I worked jobs. One was part-time and one was full-time. The lessons I shared in my last post were mostly from those two jobs. First working full-time was stressful, but it was a great practice for me to adapt the 9am - 5pm Monday through Friday work schedule. 

3. I lost some weight and developed a healthier lifestyle. I started to lose weight when I was sophomore in college. Back then I lost weight in the hard way. I was stress out from not eating any sweets.  The summer of my graduation, I finally learned eating in moderation, so I don't have to completely give up sweets. I also try to exercise every day and take a walk after each meal. 

4. I learned how to cook and clean WELL. Don't get confused, I DID some cooking and cleaning on my own in college or EVEN before college. I started to learn how to cook and clean when I was in 4th or 5th grade. Back then, it was "because my mom told me," "require for school," and "to impress my friends." I also did not do a good job. The moment I graduated from college I realized, from now on I really need to be independent. I have to cook and clean not for someone else (mom, school, friends), for ME. I want to eat food and live in a neat place. I also got much better doing those.

5. I started blogging and finally able to stick with it: I did a little bit of blogging when I was in high school, (it was called Xanga) but I did not continue to write. There were several moments in college when I thought about start a blog again, but I never did.  Several weeks after graduation, I finally started to write again. For the past year, my writing skills improved and my viewers grew for a little. I hope I will keep writing as long as I can even no one is reading it.

All in all, there were so many things happened in short one year post grad life.  

For the Next One Year: 
1. Finish Post-Baccaurate Certificate in Accounting Program
2. Find a permanent job using the skill I learn from last two jobs
3. Lose more weight and also build a better shape
4. Continue to improve cooking and cleaning skills
5. Write better posts and hope to attract more viewership. 

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