Friday, June 20, 2014

Job Hunting Technique

June is a graduation month, and many college graduates will switch from being a student to a professional. It is a big transition. I decided to all career advice related posts for this month. Last week I wrote about Interview Tips check it out, if you have not do so.

1. Use Campus Resources: All Universities and Colleges have their own career related service on campus. The Career Center usually provide a lot of great Workshops, Career Fair information and job postings. People work there are friendly. I found my first job from Career Center Website posting, and first internship from a Campus Career Fair.

2. Connections: Do you know most jobs can be found because you know someone? It is important to know many people in the related career field. Build connections with recruiters, classmates, professors, relatives, friends, etc. You never know who will be give you work opportunity in the future. So far, I had two post grad jobs from personal connection. I feel blessed about it.  

3. Let Job Find You: Looking and applying for jobs are stressful; however, if you did well in school, involved in several extra activities, and had several good connections, you are more likely to get an offer and referral for a job that fit you. I know people who received several offers, and I have had people referral jobs to me as well.

4. Write a Good Resume and Cover Letter: I recommend students go to Writing Center AND Career Center to get started. Also have several different people look over them. Sometimes professionals will come to campus to help students. Take the advantage of it. I do not know how many times and how many people edited my resume. I am happy that all professors, career advisors, writing tutors, and real world professional were super helpful.

5. Don't Give Up and Stay Positive: Last but not least, looking for job with positive energy and never give up. If have the positive attitude and never get discharged, you are more likely to get a job.

Best of Luck!! 

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