Sunday, September 7, 2014

Girl Talk 4 - True Beauty

Graduate school is getting very busy for me at this moment. I am having hard time finding time to blog; however, I will try to post at least the "Girltalk." I LOVE writing "Girltalk" because not only I received a lot of positive reviews from my friends for previous entries, but also I could have a chance to express my opinion for girl related issues.

Confession: I was not secure about my look. I used to be very fat during my teenage years, and I also had issues with my skin. Even some people were telling me "you are beautiful," I was not confident about that. "They were just being nice to me." I was telling this to myself. Well, we all know that outer beauty more important than inner beauty; however, pretty people have more advantage for sure. Later I realized outer beauty and inner beauty interrelated with each other, so outer beauty is as significant as inner beauty
(Later I lost some weight, and my skin issue slowly disappeared, so appearance changes through time passes. Do NOT worry that much!)

The "basic beauty" is to have a gentle heart, so be a kind person first. Did you know that face tells the person's personality? Sweet people would more likely to be stunning. Next, be optimistic as much as you can. Do you know "smile is the best make up a girl can wear"? If a girl can be happy ALL the time, she is more attractive than other girls. Lastly, be smart for all. It is NOT hard, and every body CAN be smart. You do not need to go to Iny League school to be smart. A smart girl knows how to make herself elegant, make the right decision for picking boys, pay attention to other people's feeling etc. Nice, optimistic, and smart girl definitely look gergous outside.

"Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty; however, people only can see the outer beauty at the first sight. I believe Inner beauty reflects outer beauty, so beautiful people are beautiful inside out"

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