Sunday, November 2, 2014

Girl Talk 5 - Dealing with Rejections

I am very sorry about no blog for a month and half. Graduate School is INSANE!! Well, busyness would take my time away with this lovely blog:)

Let's talk about Rejections, Shall we? This probably the HARDEST topic on the "GirlTalk" ever. Rejection is not only from a guy; it can be you applied for a school/job, and you did not get in, you auditioned for a play, and you did not land a role, you want to join a sport team, but you were disqualified. I have deal with a lot of these, and I am not the who handled well. However, I'd like to share how I (suppose) to overcome.

Confession: I have been rejected three times in my life. First time was junior year in high school, another one was senior in college, and last one was last year in Ashland. (Recently, I was rejected by two guys) Those were painful experience. I cry sometime, not for the guy, for myself. I never thought "How come he does not like me?" I think "I am not good enough!!"

The first one was being friends zoned. The guy asked me how to ask a guy asked me to how to ask another girl to the school dance. I should have told me my feeling that it really hurt me.

The second one was not being brave enough to confess, and later, he found another girl. I should have told me my feeling earlier.

The third was misunderstanding, I though he liked me; however, he only wanted to be friends. Friend zoned....I should NOT have confess or I should have been strong about it.

Recent two rejections? Sorry I am not ready to share them, yet.

The sad and disappoint feelings would stay with me for a long time. However I would feel in the end that it is better to get rejected in the first place then end up with a relationship, job, program, or anything that does not fit me. 

I might face more rejections from guys and I will face many kinds of rejection in the future. It is UNAVOIDABLE. I learned that: "Be BOLD with Confession, and Be STRONG with the Result."

I admit that I was not bold when tried to confession and I was not strong enough to handle the result, but I am slowly become stronger with rejection.

I am sure the girls who are reading this are able to be BOLD and STRONG.

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