Saturday, January 7, 2012

Five Strategic Goals MUST-BE Accomplished in 2012

Every beginning of the year, I'd like to make a long list of resolutions. I think there are a lot of people who doing the same thing like me. The number of my resolutions are usually 20 or more. 

However, for this year, I decided not making any resolutions because I could never keep them, and most of resolutions were the same as the year before. I did some problem and solution analysis for my old new year's resolutions.

1) My resolutions were TOO many. There was NO way I could achieve 20 or more resolutions within a year. 
2) I only MADE resolutions, but I never CONSIDERED HOW I could achieve them.  

1) I condensed my resolutions by combining and grouping several things together.
2) I planned my ways for achieve them. If the resolution is NOT achievable, it is pointless to make it.

Therefore, this year, I am doing something different. Instead of having 20 or more resolutions, I made five strategic goals that must-be accomplished this year.
1. Build Better Body Shape and Stay Healthy
  •    Lose 10 to 15lb.
  •    Be better on flexibility and balance and able to lift heavier weights
  •    Eat healthy food
Ways to Achieve
  • Go to the gym 4 to 5 times for intense cardio, and attend at least one weight training and yoga classes a week . 
  • Eat a lot of fresh fruits and raw vegetables.
2. Get Into A Graduate School and Find A Job
  •     Become better at writing essays
  •     Achieve higher GRE score
  •     Learn how to market myself
Ways to Achieve
  • Study at least 4 hours and memorize at least 10 new vocabularies everyday, review math formulas, and take a lot of practice tests. 
  • Practice writing cover letter and resume, attend job fairs, keep update blog and Linked-In regularly.
3. Pay Attention to Neatness and Details
  •     Have my room organized 
  •     Keep all of my belonging cleaned 
  •     Make sure my writings are free from mistakes
Ways to Achieve
  • Do weekly duties for organizing my room and belongings. 
  • Check my writings before I submit, send, or publish. 
4. Involve Society and Engage Networking
  •     Do some volunteer work
  •     Hang out with friends
  •     Participate in community based activities
Ways to Achieve
  • Volunteer at Cash Oregon during tax season and Blanchet House during holiday season. 
  • Keep in touch with my friends regularly. Pay attention to the activities of the local community.
5. Develop My Passion and Study Music and Literature 
  •     Become better at baking, blogging, photography, fashion, and craft
  •     Improve my piano skills and memorize several songs
  •     Watch more movies and read more books
Ways to Achieve
  • Make about one hour each day to perform one of my passionate things and/or practice piano.
  • Watch two to three good movies a week. 
How to achieve them within a year? The key is TIME MANAGEMENT that will be my main goal for this year. Now, all the long list of resolutions became ONE goal.


How simple that is!! I am tired of breaking my resolutions. It would be easier to achieve one goal than 20 resolutions, wouldn't it?

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  1. These are great goals! Thanks for sharing Xiaoxi! Happy New Year!

    All the best,