Friday, February 3, 2012

Aquarius 1/20-2/19

I can't believe it's already February. Time flies. I like the way the weather is getting warmer. When February comes, my birthday is just around the corner. My birthday is February 11th, which will be next Saturday. I feel happy that it will fall on weekend this year. I am an Aquarius. Aquarius' birthdays are around this time of the year, so I decide to blog about what I believe in describing an Aquarius.

1. Stubborn in a good way: Aquarius are stubborn sometimes because they have the wills for never giving up. When they want something, it can be a goal, dream, award, honor, etc., they are willing to do anything to make it come true. Some aquarius like to dream bigger, and no matter how hard it is, they will never give up. They have strong self-esteem.   

2. Funny and sweet: On the other hand of being stubborn, aquarius are usually funny and sweet. They are kind to people and like to make others laugh. People find aquarius are nice and fun to be with. Aquarius have the best combination of soft and hard because they have a gentle heart and vigorous mind. 

3. People friendly: Most aquarius are easy to talk to and very sociable. They like to make friends with many people, and they have the skills for building a good relationship with their co-workers, teachers, and bosses. Funny and sweet personality makes aquarius attractive in the public and community. This helps most aquarius succeed in making friends at school and cooperating with other people at work. 

4. Compatible with Libra: I don't know anything about that because I never dated a libra. If you are an aquarius and your boyfriend/girlfriend is Libra, both of you must be very good for each other. I don't rely on compatible signs, I just read it for fun. Just like I said previously, aquarius are people friendly, so aquarius people should be compatible to any signs. 

FYI: Famous Aquarius and they have the same birthday with me

Jennifer Aniston (Exactly 20 years older than me) 

File:BrandyNorwoodJuly04.jpgBrandy (Exactly 10 years older than me)

Taylor Lautner

Sarah Palin

Thomas Edison

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