Saturday, February 11, 2012

23 Lessons I Learned for the Past 23 years

Happy Birthday to me. This girl turns 23 today. 
I can't believe, I am 23!! Time went fast. I don't feel like I am that old (mature), yet. Inside I feel very young (less mature). As I grow older, I suppose to get wiser, right? For this post, I am going to share 23 life lessons from 23 years of living. I hope you will enjoy.

1. Just Follow Your Heart: Making the decisions and choosing the right things are hard sometimes, but if we just listen to our hearts, the best answers would come out. I believe our hearts will always tell us what is right to do. Whenever you feel lost or confused during your lifetime, just follow your heart.

2. Keep Calm and Carry On: There are ups and downs in our lives, so we have to learn to be always "Keep Calm" for whatever happens. The part "Carry On" can be anything you like to do or something that will help you release your stress. I usually "Keep Calm and Take a Walk" or "Keep Calm and Bake Something."

3. Only Person You Can Change Is Yourself: Sadly, this is very true. We can never change other people. Seriously, don't even think about changing your friends, relatives, co-workers or bosses. In the same way, only person can change you is YOU. From that, I should not blame someone else for I became or I did. 

4. Just Do It: Don't waste  too much time on thinking about making a decision. A not so good decision can turn into a better decision during your work. Time moves fast, so there are not a lot of time to waste in thinking. Life is about risks and adventures. Do it! It's now or never.

5. You Always Have a Choice: Some of the sad events in life are can not be chosen, but we can choose to how to react with them. That is always a choice. We can always be happy whatever happens.  

6. Write Everything Down: This is one of the lesson my mother taught me. She has a great habit of writing stuff down like appointments and important dates. That is why she never forgets things. Writing things done can help people remember and keep track the daily life.

7. Always Consider Quality Over Quantity: I had a habit of focus on the quantity. I was into the philosophy of "more the merrier." However, sometime it is not true because the large quantity does not guarantee the good quality. Small quantity is still acceptable if it has the better quality. 

8. Your Biggest Enemy Is You: This is a lesson my mother has been always telling me. I should have to be responsible for myself. I have to choose my own battle and fight with it. Win or lose is up to me. Other people's actions and external instances are never an excuse.

9. Doing Anything at the Last Minute Would NOT Work: I used to be a last minute person, and it was a very bad habit. I worked hard to change it. Whatever the to-do-thing is, start it early. Even it is small or easy, there is no guarantee that accident would not  happen in the last minute. Trust me, accidents always happen in the last minute. 

10. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life: I really like this famous phrase because I believe no matter how bad the situation is, there is always something to be glad about. Even for failure, at least you learned you will not make it happen again. 

11. Don't Run Away, and Just Face It: I like one of Mariah Carey's songs "Through the Rain." Part of the lyrics states: "Don't be afraid, there is NOTHING you can't face. " I believe it is true. Also when there is a problem, running away from it would not solve it. Only facing it can solve it.

12. Doing the Best Is Better than Being the Best: I might not the best, but I am always doing my best. Do not be afraid to make a mistake, the key is to learn from it. Also there is no such a thing is the "best." I should always consider getting better and trying to improve. 

13. You Are Never Alone: No body should consider himself/herself as alone in the world because there is always someone she/he can love. Reach out to a friend or family for help. Remember good people are beside you when you need them, and bad people are beside you when they need you. 

14. Set a Date and Have a Plan: I learned this when I was studying for GRE exam. Set a date can motivate people. When I set a date for something, I would not put off anymore. Sometimes I would not start doing something until I set a date. When the date is set, then make a plan and stick with it. It is a way to manage time.  

15. Never Say Never and Practice Make It Perfect: This is from Justin Bieber's song "Never Say Never." That song inspired me. I felt it is important to believe in myself and never give up.  When I have a dream, I will do anything to make it come true. I believe nothing is "impossible" and practice makes it perfect. 

16. People Come to This World to Get "Trained": This is a famous idea of Buddhism. Life is hard for all people in this world. When they are young, they have to study. When they grow older, they have to work, make money, raise family etc. Beside education and work, there are difficult life events to face as well. That is why we deal with a lot "trainings" during life time. Whenever my life gets tough, I will consider it as part of my trainings.

17. An Apple + a Treat per Day = Better Physical and Mental Health: This lesson comes from "one apple a day keeps the doctor away." I love apples. It not only makes me healthier, but also makes me smarter by motivating my brain. Besides an apple a day, I also need at least one sweet treat per day to indulge myself. Eating too much sweets can be a problem, but a small portion a day would not hurt.   

18. Only Dislike the Character, Do Not Dislike the Person: We should never completely dislike someone. There is no one who is 100% awful person. He or she just has part of his or her personality that is not acceptable. That is caused by how she or he was raised and educated. All humans come to this world innocent, and the outside world shaped their characters. 

19. One Door Closes, then Another Opens: Get over with something is hard for a person like me, so I have to remember this lesson. The another door might take a long time to appear, but I believe someday I will find it. There will be a lot of gains and losses I will face in my life, so I have to be willing to accept the losses and moving on.

20. Education Never Ends:  My University Principal told us this message on the commencement when I graduated from college. I strongly remember it. Education does not only from books. It can be "everything." I believe if I live one more day, I will learn at least one more "thing."

21. Just Be Yourself: When I was in high school, I tried very hard to be like the smart and cute people. Recently, I realized it is OK to just be myself because I learned that everything in life is about finding the right fit. Do not try to be somebody else, just find the fit that is best for you or let the right fit find you. 

22. Always Have Plan B: It is very important to always have a back up plan no matter how good the original plan is. Stick with one plan is good sometimes, but the plan cannot guarantee that is the best or it will be successful. Keep more options open will expand opportunities. 

23. Life Is Wonderful, and It Is Short: If you can embrace everything you have, you will be happiest person in the world. Happiness comes from only focus on what you have, not think about what you do not have. Also life is too short to be mad at someone or something. Don't waste any time, and make every moment worthy it.

I hope you learned something from this post. Thanks for visiting my blog. If you like what I post, it is the BEST birthday gift ever. Also thanks for everyone who wished me "Happy Birthday" on Facebook. I could not ask anything more. 
This birthday girl is looking forward to learn more about the world. Remember "education never ends." 


  1. May your birthday wishes come true! :)


  2. Happy Birthday!!! I love your 'lessons' and actually follow the same thinking on all of them! Very wise! I hope you have a wonderful day and a fantastic year. 23 is still young and you will change and grow even more. I'm exactly twice your age! lol!
    - Angie

    1. That is still young for having college children!! I am glad that you liked my lessons. I learned a lot cooking lessons from your blog.

  3. Thank you. You inspired me, too.

    Love Mom