Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Food Craziness Part 1: The Best Birthday Brunch

Wow, the month of February went fast. I have been lazy about blogging after my birthday. Sorry!! The month of February is about my birthday and valentine's day. It is my favorite month of the year because it is a month of love and celebration. My family and I had some food adventures during those days, and we had food coma. We usually eat healthily, but indulging ourself once a while is OK, right? I mean the month combines my birthday and valentine's day. They are all about cakes and candies. I am such a foodie. I like to cook, eat, and write about food. I hope you will enjoy.
Birthday Brunch
For my birthday brunch we went to Tasty n Sons. It has been featured on many Portland Traveling Sites, and it was ranked "Top 10 Best Breakfast in the US" on Yahoo. Therefore, I thought it should not be very wrong to try it out. When we entered the cafe, there was a long line. That was a good sign!! We had to wait about 45 minutes. We were glad that there were a lot of Artistic Stores around it to see while we were waiting. 
I felt happy that all the portions were small, so we could try a lot of different dishes. They all were made from scratch and tasted so good!! 
Fried Egg and Boiled Spinach: Although it was a simple dish, but they made it taste so delicious. It was pretty, too. I like the food is not only yummy, but also looks good.
 Biscuits with Cheese, Fried Egg and Chicken: It was probably the BEST fried chicken I ever had. I try not eat too much fried meat because it is usually very oily, but this fried chicken was not oily at all. The biscuit itself was great, too.
English Muffin with Fried Eggs and Beans: Although my family is not a big fan of Mexican food, we really liked the beans. Surprisingly, we were fighting for them. 
French Toast: I love french toast, but I barely order from restaurants because they usually make it too sweet. I prefer making them at home, but that is rare, sadly. The sweetness of this french toast was just right. 
Chocolate Potato Doughnuts: This was my favorite among all the dishes we ordered. The cream dip for the doughnuts was yummy. I wanted to lick the plate. I wished we'd order more than one, so we did not have to share. My mother hoped she could recreate this doughnut at home. Good Luck, mother.
Granola: To be honest, I barely eat any kind of bars. I don't like granola, but I enjoyed this granola. It went very well with the fruits and dairy cream. It was healthy, too.
All in all, it was a fun experience. I was surprised that all the dishes were simple, but Tasty n Sons made them taste amazing!! I liked eating things I don't like or don't usually eat. We definitely want to return even though it is a little far from where we live, and I wish it was closer to my house. 

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