Sunday, May 6, 2012

Perfect Portland Day = Beautiful Tulips

As the weather is getting better in Oregon, my family started to explore some fun places to see and play in our town. We are lucky that there are many beautiful parks and gardens near our home. Couple of weeks ago, we went to Woodburn Tulip Festival. The day was very hot and the place was very crowed. There must a lot of tulip lovers. Tulips were just beautiful. 
My mother and I enjoyed taking pictures with the blanket of flowers. 
Speaking of tulips, I have some childhood art memories with them. My first drawing assignment back in elementary school was tulips. My class took a little field trip to a local park near from our school, and we scratched the full blooming tulips. It was a very fun day. Tulip is probably the first and only flower that I actually learned how to draw. Since then every time I want to add flowers in a picture, I'd draw tulips because they are the only flower I feel confident painting. I took some paintings throughout elementary to high school, but I do photography more than painting, now. May be I will start to paint again because I still have paints left over in my closet, and I don't want to waste them.     
My mother is beautiful as the flowers. She is an absolute flower lover. She does not only love them, she also love to plant them. She can spend hours working in the garden. She told me there were different types of tulips in the garden. Then I realized that not all tulips look identical. There are different colors, shapes and sizes. She'd like to study and research about flowers. Her knowledge and passion for flowers are expanding. 

Here is an another photo of me with the tulips. This one is my favorite. Aren't they lovely?
Bye Bye Tulips, See you next year. 


  1. Looks great, will have to visit this place when I come home. Keep writing!

    1. Thanks, Henry. I will write as long as I have time. Please come back soon.

  2. Tulips are the city flower of Yokohama. That is why your first drawing assignment was tulips.


    1. That's right, thanks for the reminder, mom.