Monday, May 21, 2012

Good Ways to Start a Monday Morning

Happy Monday, everybody!! How are you this morning? I am feeling FANTASTIC!! Even though it is raining outside, I am still feeling good because weather has been sunny for a long time, and it is about time to give some rain. Plus, my mother just planted some flowers, so rain will help them grow. I was wondering how can I share my feeling? And I decided to blog about it. Then I realized, what a great idea!! Monday morning or any mornings during the week will start right by following those steps. 

1. Make sure to sleep well on Sunday:  First, never party hard on Sunday night. Try to get to come home early and go to sleep. Also make sure to have good night sleep. Drink a glass milk and/or do some work out before would help.  Starting of the week should not feel tired. 

2. Dress nice: I usually like to wear something that I like the most or shows my personality. Looking good can make me feel confident.  I think it is the same as everyone else. Don't hesitate to wear fancy and show off to people at work or school.  

3. Eat a healthy breakfast: This is a very important. Every morning deserves a great breakfast.  I recommend to have comfort food for breakfast. Something warm and/or soft such as toast, muffin, pancakes, etc. Also make sure to have a piece of fruit or vegetable and a glass of milk or tea. I usually have warm buns with bowl of congee with a piece of fruit and tea. 

4. Ignore all the negative news: If I have time in the morning,  I will open my computer and check e-mails and news. Sometimes I receive negative news about myself or the society in the morning. Those news can be rejection from anything I applied and/or tragic events happened somewhere. I can't choose what I see, but I can choose how to react. I try to stay positive for whatever happens at anytime. 

5.  Listen to exciting music on the way out: Music motivates me for everything. I like listen something that is teach me to be look forward, but you can choose any music that you like and motivates you. I like Katy Perry's "Firework" and Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston' s "When You Believe". I listen to them in the car on the way to work, school, or gym. 

I hope everyone will have a wonderful week!!


  1. Good tips. 一天之计在于晨。

  2. Well I got a 3 out of 5, that's about a c average, don't you think? I failed 1 & 4, barely made it with 3. No problems with 2 & 5 though. I got those in spades! -Shane

    1. You are doing great. Keep it up. Achieve 3 is easy if you are in Japan. There are many convenient places for breakfast. To be honest, I fail 1 and 4 sometimes.