Monday, August 27, 2012

How to Survive First Day of School/College/Work

Is summer really over? I can't believe some schools are already schools started, today/this week. I already graduated from college a year ago, but I am back in school doing my post-baccalaureate this fall, and my school won't start till end of September. No matter how old I get, "first day" of school or anything could be stressful for me. These are steps to I learned to follow in order to succeed on the first day of school and everything else.

1. Prep everything in the night before: This first step is very important. There is only a lack of time in the morning, so things should be prepared as much as possible in the night before. 

These are the things MUST be prepared: 
-Backpack/bag should completely packed
-Clothes, including jewelries and watch
-Wallet with Student ID or other IDs and bus pass
-Fully Charged Cell Phone

2. Get a good night sleep and do not skip breakfast: If I did this step, I have more than 80% chance of having a successful day. 

I recommend:
-Drink a glass of milk before sleep
-Get at least 6 hours of sleep
-Eat a healthy breakfast that contains fresh fruit and/or vegetable
-Have some protein to stay motivated for the day. 

3. Come to class (work) at least 5 minutes before: Come to class or work early is very beneficial. Not only it will leave a nice impression to the professor(boss), there are a lot of things able to be accomplished during the five minutes. 

Use the five minutes to: 
-Know where the nearest bathroom/go to the bathroom
-Find a good seat to sit
-Put away the coat and set up the material on the desk
-Get to know the classmates(co-workers) and professor(boss)

4. Use a planner: The planner is significant part of my life. I can be organized and not to forget anything by using the planner. I always carry a planner with me regardless of I am at school/work or not. 

On the first day, write the following down on the planner:
-Due date of important projects
-Contact information of the professor or boss/manager
-For people in school-exam dates and times
-For people in school-office hours and location of the professors 

5. Have some cash on hand: I recommend to everyone to have 5 to 10 dollars of cash on hand all the time. Not everywhere accepts credit card nor have ATMs. This is a great way to prepare for worst case scenarios.

It is helpful in case forgot to bring:
-Lunch, snack, or drink
-Notebook, pencil, or eraser
-Bus pass
-Credit card

Good Luck with everyone who are in school. If you are not in school, this is still useful for any day.

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  1. So, you will be back to school very soon. What subject are you currently pursuing? I remembered you did accounting back in 2009. What about now?

    Jia Yin