Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Week of Social Events

I can't believe the 3rd week is over!! I'd like to say I really like Ashland and SOU. For the moment I came to Ashland and SOU, I fall in love with the city and campus immediate. Each day goes by, I feel in love with them more and more. For the past week, there were a lot of social events. On top of that I had a lot of homework and study to do. Since I am very busy, I am going to quickly/easy recap all the social events I attended. Usually I like to post a lot of photo, but sorry for no photos for this post. I believe they will be on Facebook, so enjoy!!

1. Business After Hours: Last Wednesday night, I went to Ashland Hotel for the Business After Hours event. It was network event among Business students, faculties and employers. Ashland Hotel was a beautiful hotel, so it was the perfect place for this event. I was glad that I volunteered as a greeter in the beginning of the event. The turn out was great. I had chance to talk to all the employers who had exhibit, and I socialized with my classmates and professors as well. I wished the event was longer. 

2. Business BBQ: On Thursday, there was a BBQ in the business school. They were so kind to treat us with wonderful BBQ. I was glad they did it, so I can have chance to talk to my professors and classmates more (I also talked them at the Business After Hours, but I focused on the employers first). I shared my situation with several professors and they even gave me some advice. I made new friends with other business students. 

3. Bowling with Business Club: After the BBQ, I went to Bowling in Medford. Thanks to Amber from Business Club gave me a ride, otherwise I could not have made it. I finally got know about Business Club and the members more. When I went to their first meeting, I did not have chance to talk to them, yet. I realized Business Club is a very fun club to join, and people are very kind. Besides understanding people and organization, bowling itself was exciting. I have not down bowling for a while, and I was nervous. However, it was not bad as I thought. Thursday was definitely the craziest of the week.

4. Pride Parade: On Saturday, my friend Erika, Jacob and I went to see the Pride Parade in Downtown Ashland. It was interesting to see people dress in rainbow colors. After the parade we went to a pizza place and their pizza was heavenly. There are a lot of interesting spot to explore in Ashland downtown. 

5. Random Hang Outs in the Hall: Besides all the "scheduled" events, there were lots of "unscheduled" events. One day, my some of my hall mate said,"Dress formally, and we are going to Wendy's together," we just went to Wendy's suddenly and had mid night snack there.  There were also "Random movie nights," and we watch a lot of weird movies in the community room. There were a lot of game nights and social night in my room, too. 

Now, I have to go to sleep for another busy week. Homework seems to never end and quizzes/exams will be keep coming till the term ends. I really want to enjoy my short time in Ashland, but I have to pass all the DIFFICULT classes as well. I can always come back for vacation anyways. 

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