Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I LOVE About Winter

Back in November, I wrote What I LOVE About Fall. I said I love the leaves and colors, food and holidays, and dressing up and the weather. I thought I should do this kind of post for every season. I do not a favorite season because every season has its own specialities, and they are similar to each other. 

1. Snow: I have love and hate relationship with snow, but I love it more than hate it. Snow makes everything look so pretty. Nothing better than waking in the morning and seeing outside is covered with whipped cream!! Some legend even tells that snow is gift with heaven. White Christmas is romantic as well. The hate part is that I don't want it too much. There was one year, we had limited mobility due to heavy snowed. We were pretty stuck at home for two weeks!! I also don't like to ski and skate, but I like play in the snow. 


2. Food and Holidays: Same as Fall, winter has a lot of holidays such as Christmas, New Year, and Valentine's Day. Plus both my mother's birthday and my birthday happens in winter. We have fun celebrating all the holidays and birthdays. There would be a lot of cooking and baking for the special days, and I LOVE FOOD. I also like the comfort food. Nothing warms me up better than a cup of hot soup in the winter days.  

3. Dressing Up for Cold: I know most of people do not like the cold weather in winter, but we can use this coldness to be fashionable. I enjoy wearing different kind of coats. I like to try different kinds of scarfs and gloves to match with the coats. I am not a hat person, but if you are, you can try different kinds hats as well. BE CREATIVE!! Winter is also the season for boots. This year, I bought my first pair of boots, and I absolutely LOVE them. Ideas for winter fashion are endless. 

I hope this post made your cold days better. 
Dear all my blog readers, do not get sick!!

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