Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What I LOVE About Spring

If you been reading my blog long enough you will realize I posted What I LOVE About Fall and What I LOVE About Winter.  Weather is getting warmer and warmer, and this week is first week of April. It is a good time to write about spring. This post is my way of starting April and Spring term. Enjoy!

1. Flowers: I always start with nature related favorites!! For spring is definitely flowers!! It is the season of full blooming. They are just too beautiful and hard to resist. Whenever I see flowers on the street, I can't help myself staring at the flowers and take picture. Sometimes I even want to pick some flowers.   

2. Hope and Starting Over: Usually second one will be holiday related. The holiday during spring time is Easter. It is about rebirth. It gives a hope. Generally when the weather is getting better, people would start to feel the hope.  Spring is also the start of new school year in Japan and Korea. I lived part of my childhood in Japan. Spring is time to start over. 

3. Dress Up for Warm: I hope you already read about my previous posts, and you will realize I love dressing up. Spring is time to big coat (even I like them), and change to lighter cloth. During the spring time, I like to wear one piece of long sleeve with jeans. They are so comfortable. 

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