Sunday, May 12, 2013

Five Facts About Being a Mother

Happy Mother's Day. Don't forget to tell/call/skype your mother  today. I am sad that this is our first year we can not spend mother's day together. Sorry Mom!!

It seems endless to talk about her. Two years ago, I wrote Five Life Lessons My Mother Taught Me and last year, I wrote Five Things I Admire About My Mother. Please take a look.

This year, I am going to write what is being a mother. I learned following five facts; not only from my mother, but also from my grandmother. My grandmother was an amazing woman, too. She worked diligently to raise her four children, and she was a very kind lady. I am not a mother, yet, but when I become a mother someday, I will follow these five steps. 

1. Show Love to the Children: Most my mother love their child; however, some young children can not understand mother's love unless their mother actually shows it. My mother showed her love by giving me kiss everyday when I was younger and giving me courage as I grow up.  

2. Help the Children Whenever They Needed: My mother was always there to help me. Every time I had problem with homework or career choice, she took the time to help me even she was busy working or doing her own study. She said "children comes first." My grandmother was still willing to help her children as much as she can even she was old and they were all grown up.  

3. Teach Children the Limit: It is important to love the children, but do not spoil them. Parenting is about giving love AND limit.  My mind of good parents are able to balance both well. My mother is sweet, but she is very strict, too. I know she spoils me sometime; however, I have limits. 

4. Raise Children to be Mentally and Physically Healthy: Children's health is another significant part of parenting, and it is the hardest. Mother raised me to be heathy by making healthy food, taking me to exercise, and teaching me the positive mind. 

5. Set a Good Example for the Children: Sometimes children might not listen to their parents, but they are always watching their parents. Sometime showing them what to do is better telling them what to do. My mother showed her good example by always keeping the room clean, so I never said "mom, I don't want to clean my room."

I will always love you, mom!!

I'd like to close this post with this quote:
"What is being a real woman? It is about being somebody's mother.
When is the for a woman to look most beautiful? It is when she became a mother. 
All women are perfect when they are holding their children in their arms." 

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