Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Five Tips for Graduate School Essay

As you know that I got into a graduate school, I decided to share some tips for filling out the graduate school application. I am going to talk about graduate school essay because it probably the most important part of the application. 

1. Be Yourself and Unique: I know there are standards you have to follow in the essay. The standards are just the correct grammar and professional language. Beside that, everything is up to you, so please be creative. Do not try to sound like somebody else. 

2. Brainstorm Early and Spend Time: Graduate school essay is definitely NOT the essay you can write last minute. It is VERY important to put A LOT of time into it from brainstorming, outlining, 1st draft, 2nd draft..... then final draft. 

3. Have Objective Goal and Straightforward: Make you know WHY you want to go to graduate school. School cares your reason. You might not have a. Your strong desire to the program makes a strong candidate for the program. 

4. Avoid Redundency and Correct Length: There are length have to be follow on the essay. There are schools that feel strict about the length and some are not.  Even they are not, still try not to go over too much of the length. I recommend outline the essay first and write precisely. 

5. Have Someone Review and Review Again: This is EXTREMELY important!! The essay should be free from grammar mistake. Also get feedback from writing tutors, professors, parents etc. There are people out there willing to help. I read and let other read my essay over and over again before I submitted. 

For those of thinking about going and applying for graduate school, I hope these tips helped you. 

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