Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fundraising and Bake Sale Tips

Since I was in high school, I liked to participate in a lot of fundrasing activities. My favorite one was Car Wash back then. I loved playing in the water in the hot sun. Now, my favorite is bake sale. I organized a Bake Sale back in January for Relay for Life. It is an annual fundraising event for cancer foundation at my school. Both my Bake Sale and Relay for Life were huge success. I'd like to share the tips I learned from participating those activities. 

1. Have a Crowd of People 

Do you know that crowd attracts crowd? If you have many members in the fundraising team, the chances of raising more money is higher. 

2. Make Everything From Scratch 

No matter if you are going to sell baked goods or other stuff, it is better to make them from scratch. I know it is a lot of work, but it will lower so much cost. (I'd like to thank my two helpers for my bake sale:) 

3. Decorate the Table Nicely

Be creative!! This is another way to attract more customer. There are different kinds decoration sold in various party stores. If you are tight on budget, you can go to Dollar Tree or hand craft the decorations. I feel grateful that I have team members who are talented. 

4. Going Chocolate
Do you know what were the best sellers on the bake sale? I sold four items and the rank would be 1. Brownie 2. Chocolate Dipped Shortbread 3. Chocolate Chip Cookies 4. Sugar Cookies. I was surprised that people LOVE chocolate regardless of their age, gender, and race. 

5. Keep the Price Simple and Low and Give Incentives 

People are short on cash, and I do not recommend using credit card for fundraising events. I made my cookies small enough to price them 25 cents a piece. My incentive was $1 for five pieces in order to attract people to buy more. Sometimes do not even price anything, and"Based on Donation" sign.  

6. Avoid Allergies and Give Vegan and Gluten Free Option 

Please do NOT USE NUTS. I did not put nuts in any of my treats. Not only there are people allergic to nut, but also increase the ingredient cost. I did not do the vegan and gluten free option, but I wish I did. It might cost more money by having the options; however if you have the budget, I recommend you do it. 

7. Doing Something Very Funny

There were some some laughable moments at Relay for Life. One of them was let the men dress like women and ask for money. People choose to donate to their favorite ones. Dressed men compete who can get the most donation. This event made the fundraising process fun and memorable. 

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