Monday, July 8, 2013

What I LOVE About Summer

You know me now, right? I like to write about what I love about each season. I wrote What I LOVE About SpringWhat I LOVE About Winter and What I LOVE About Fall for the past year. Summer is officially began, so it is the perfect time to share my summer favorites. 

1. Sunshine and Beach: Sunshine makes me happy and productive!! I enjoy waking up early and work as I soak the sun. Sunshine also makes everything look beautiful like flowers and trees. I lived in Oregon for the last 11 years, where it rains most of the year, so sunny days are previous for Oregonians. I also enjoy going to the beach because I like to play in the water since I was little. I feel glad that I live in Portland where it is only one and half hour away from the seaside. 

2. Fresh Fruits and Vegetable: Summer is the time of harvest!! There are cherries growing in my backyard and I can make trips to local farm to pick up all the goodies. I tend to eat healthier during summer compare to fall and winter (holidays, you know...) because of the all the fresh produce.  

3. Dress Up for Hot: If you have read my last three posts, I always end the list with dressing up. My mother loves dressing up, so I get it from her. I like the fact that it is very hot outside, so I can wear less in summer, and I can change my cloth quickly. I love wearing simple things such as T-shirt, shorts and skirts everyday. 

After I publish all the wonderfulness in each season, isn't it so hard to decide which season to love the most? 

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