Saturday, October 12, 2013

Summer 2013 Part 1: I LOVE LOVE Hiking and Mountains

Well, summer is over. I can't believe it is October!! It is when Fall officially begins. I am sad that the weather is getting cold and days are shorter, but I am so excited to for next few months with holidays. I am looking forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!! Before celebrating all the crazy holidays, I'd like recap my summer. 

I hiked a lot places this summer. We love to go hiking during weekends and we usually do it at Multnomah Fall, Washington Park or Forest Park. During summer we decided to explore several other places and some of them were quite challenging.

For example: Angel's Rest Trail  
The road was difficult due to so many steep route, but there were some easier path to take. The hike was very long. 
However, the view was worth looking at. The day was so lo hot, so I became so sweaty that day. 

Another one was Dog Mountain.

Same as Angel's Rest Trail, it was not an easy hike. There were a lot of stones and bushes to cross over. 
Is it beautiful? Even my legs were sore to death, this scenery made me forget about the pain. 

After hiked those places, Multnomah Falls, Washington Park, and Forest Park Hike are no longer challenging.

So, if you have a chance to come to Oregon, I recommend you to visit Mulnomah Fall, Washington Park, and Forest Park. They are absolutely gorgeous!! If you want more hiking challenging, please make a trip to Angel's Rest and Dog Mountain. 

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