Friday, October 18, 2013

Summer 2013 Part 2: I LOVE LOVE Lakes and Beaches

Besides all the mountains I hiked, I also went several lakes and beaches over the summer. There hiking trails as well. 

Lost Lake: like the name, it is literally Lost Lake. It was hard to find, and it took us forever to arrive to this elegant place. 
Water looked so fresh!! I wondered, I am allowed to drink the water or not. I wanted to swim in there, but sadly, I did not bring my swimming suit, which is a bummer. At least I put my feet in the water for a little bit. 

I did not get to swim in the lake, however, I learned how to row the boat. It is not my first time I rowed the boat, but it is my first I actually learned how to row.

 You can tell I am having fun rowing the boat at the same time, there were some struggles. Finally, being able to row the boat is my another success and accomplish for this summer.

Seaside: Each year, my family tries to make a trip to Seaside at least once. This year we went there twice. 
I admit that I LOVE to play in the water. I can stand going to the beach without getting soaked. 
We found a park called "Ecola State Park" near Seaside this year. It was a great hike a long the beach with all the trees, smell of the ocean, and wind. 

All in all, my summer was filled with sun, water, mountains and trees. Summer in Oregon is glamours!! Thanks mother nature for giving Oregonians a wonderful summer enjoy every year. 

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