Friday, January 3, 2014

14 Wish List for 2014

Happy New Year!! First of all, thanks all of the readers for visiting my blogs, I wish you continue to like my blog and if this blog can inspire you, that will be awesome.

New Year = Resolution…. Well I STOPPED making resolution several years ago, so every year I make list of different kinds of goals, to-do lists etc. This year, I decided to make a "wish list." My inspiration comes from the song"A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" from Cinderella. I believe "The Dream" from fairy tale does not have be "meeting the prince." It can be anything in the daily life. These 14 wishes will make 2014 special. 

1. Work - I hope to succeed in my work 

2. CPA Exam - I hope to pass all parts of the CPA exam 

3. Run - I hope to run longer, more often, and faster

4. Yoga - I hope to be more flexible and less stressful 

5. Weightlifting - I hope to able to lift heavier weights  

6. Zumba - I hope I can improve my Zumba steps

7. Food - I hope to eat healthy, try new recipes, and explore restaurants 

8. Friends - I hope to make new friends and get closer to old ones 

9. Movies - I hope to watch a lot of movies and get inspired 

10 Nature - I hope to hike and visit beaches as much as possible

11. Blog - I hope to blog more often and write better entries 

12. Reading - I hope to read more blogs, articles, news, books etc. 

13. Piano - I hope to more difficult songs and memorize some

14. Family - I hope to make my family happy every day

I hope to make all those wishes come true!! 

I'd like to end 2014 first entry with music video. Every time I feel down, I listen to this song/watch this video to cheer myself up.  This song will be my motivation and encouragement for this year!! 

Have a good year, everyone!! 

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