Wednesday, January 8, 2014

REAL New Year's Resolution Everyone MUST Make

A beginning of a new year is a new start. New start can lead to come up with resolutions and goals etc. I see there are a lot of them on Facebook, Blogs, and Instagram. Everyone's posts are similar and they all have things in common, which is either health or self-improvement related. 

I feel funny that only several days later, there are people saying their resolutions are broken already:) Well these are the ACTUAL resolutions you SHOULD be making. I promise if you kept all these, all your mental/physical health and personal/career improvement will come true. 

1. Be yourself and love it 
2. Spend more time dressing up and styling your hair 
3. Start be open to talk about your problems with others 
4. Enjoy a hot and healthy meal at least once a day
5. Engage yoga and walks in the park at least once a week 
6. Entertain with family and friends more often
7. Reward yourself with feeling guilty 
8. Sleep well
9. Laugh at yourself for no reason
10. Explore new hobbies, recipes, places etc.
11. Stop looking back and regretting the past
12. Watch many movies
13. Love your job
14. Travel somewhere that is very different than where you live 
15. Get wild and loose once a while
16. Reach out for help when you needed 
17. Give and ask hugs as much and you can
18. Indulge yourself some sweets when you stressed
19. No longer feel ashamed of crying sometime
20. Make mistakes and accept you are not perfect

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