Saturday, March 29, 2014

Blessing to Work as an Accountant

One day in the office, my boss said this to us: "I really hate my job, I wish the government just give flat tax rate. I rather lose my job than doing all those." I was so surprised. I know it is busy tax season, and we are all stressed out about it. I also understand there are barely people in the world really like their job. However, complaining would not be necessary. Everyone can find a joy in their jobs. I am might be too optimistic, but always counting blessing no matter it is for work, study, family, etc could make life better. These are anything about accounting/auditing/taxation. 

1. Playing with puzzle and being the detective: Accounting work can be retarded and too detailed oriented, and these tough quality job make us good at solving complicated problems. Auditing is a lot like finding the missing piece of puzzle. Accountants require judgment, so we can be money detective. 

2. Interacting and working with many people: I thought the work that accountants do is sitting on desk all day and crutch numbers; however, it is much more than that. Sometimes we meet with clients for our tax and/or auditing service. We also interact with different departments in the office. 

3. Solving money problems: Helping people as a job is wonderful to do. Accountants provide tax service to target higher return and ease out the debts. All jobs in the world have to do with "making others' lives better." When we consider the happiness that customers get from the work we do, there would be nothing to complain about our jobs. 

4. Providing businesses growth: It is fun to write a business plan and be creative. I did not know accounting could be creative. I realized creativity is necessary for any field, it is not only for writing, drawing, and marketing. We can help our clients brainstorm the ways to assist their business to expand. 

5. Working in the safe office place: Being in the office is the best working environment. We do not have to worry about dangerous electronics and hazardous chemicals. Sometimes we can enjoy the view from the office. 

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