Saturday, March 1, 2014

Conquer Quarter Life *Crisis

I turned 25, and I am HAPPY about it. I had wonderful birthday celebration. I received a lot of birthday wishes from Facebook, my parents spoiled me with homemade cake and fancy dinner, and I even treated myself for a sweet trip to my favorite town in this world called Ashland. However, first thought about turning 25 was filled with ANXIETY.  

I started to have anxiety since I was 16. My emotion has been ups and downs till now. Even though I always look happy and want to inspire and motivate people, there were times I feel lost and just want to cry. These are the ten tips helped recover from some of the downtime and will help going through more anxiety attacks in the future. 

*I don't like to word "crisis" and I do NOT think it is crisis. It is more like moments, issue, process, etc.

 1. You are NOT the only one: Believe it or not, everyone has to go through this type of downtime sometime in their lives from age 15 to 29. There are only a few people who are perfectly fine growing up without any kind of anxiety. 

2. Everybody is different: Most late teens or 20s like to compare their success with others with the same age group. They might feel jealous when they see other peoples lives in the better stage. Please do NOT compare with other people. Some people are better in one way, and it doesn't mean they are more superior than others. Everyone is special and unique. 

3. Talk to people: It would be so much better if you talked with someone who understand you and care about you like friends, teachers, and/or relatives. I was blessed with many great friends who always understood me and encouraged me. I am also glad that I met a lot nice professors and mentors who gave me a lot of advices. 

4. Engage in social/network activities: Keep yourself involved and busy would helpful in any crisis. The social network events create more connections, and a lot of job opportunities comes from the connections. This would help people get the job/career they want. 

5. List out things you like/good at/want to do: You would not how good you are until. The list could be a long list. You will get confidence from them. Building confidence is As more you list, you will define who you are and find the pathway you want to follow. 

6. Exercise and stay healthy (young): No matter how old we are get we need to exercise. For me, exercise help me clear my mind every time I am lost. It is the BEST way to release stress and build strength. 

7. Believe that stress is good: There are many negative facts about stress; however, there are good parts as well. If you are stressed out, that means you have dreams and not giving up. If you have no stress, you do not have goals and things to achieve in life. 

8. Get inspirations from success stories/books/movies: Whenever the times in life just do not feel motivated or inspired, take a break. Let's get out from house and ask friends out to watch a movie or go to library to read a good book. At least go on-line do some research, and you will feel refreshed. 

9. Wait patiently and right thing will come at the right time: Whenever the crisis/trouble was big and there is absolutely nothing you can do, the best way is to "wait." Everything will get better as time goes by. Usually people get panic if they do not succeed or get the result they'd like immediately. Good thing sometimes happens later, and it is only for the people who wait. 

10. Work hard and stay positive: I am strong believer of anything CAN be achieved from diligent work and positive thoughts. There NOT a goal you can not reach, and there is NOT a problem you can not solve. 

Lastly, I'd like to you to remember: "There are always going to be anxiety in life. Little kids went thought it and older people have it as well. Most of young people can survive from it and everything will get better. Only small amount of them can not conquer quarter life crisis." 

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