Monday, July 21, 2014

Thoughts About Washington DC

This post follows my last post: Thoughts About New York City. I went to New York and Washington DC last month, and I had amazing experience. I have been living in the west coast for the entire time I am in the US, so visiting the east coast was exciting.

1. A lot of Government, Historical and Education Places: There were places like Capitol Hill, White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Art Galleries and other Museums. All the main US government work here and all the regulation is happening there. There were a lot of famous people such as Martin Luther King Jr. Franklin Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson etc. were honored here. My favorite ones were the Art Galleries and Memorials. I wished could spend a day in the galleries looking at the paintings and memorials reading the quotes from the famous people if I can.



2. Free Admissions to the Sightseeing Places: I was happy that everything I posted above did not have to pay anything to see. They were gorgeous building with long history. I felt students live in Washington DC is so privileged because they have access to all those useful educational tools.

3. Get in Line Early to Get the Ticket Places: I was surprised that people have to arrive TWO HOURS before the . I arrived to Washington Monument for ticket at 6:40am, there were already this many people waiting in front of me. I waited with them for nearly two hours and the

4. Beautiful Night View: The night view of Washington DC was absolutely speechless. Usually the night view in other cities were lights of buildings and city lights, but Washington was the lights shining from the Memorial Center. What an unique night view!!

5. Every Sight Scenes are in the Walking Distance: I was glad that most sightseeing places were in the walking distance from the hotel I stayed. They were all closed together from block to block. Even the longest distance ones were only 2 miles away. We walked a lot when we were in DC.

All in all, visiting Washington DC is very feasible. Almost everywhere is free and walking distance, so no need pay for admission and transportation. I visited New York City before Washington DC; I already felt a lot of history in NYC, and I even saw more historical status in DC. West Coast is definitely very different from East Coast. I realized there were not a lot of culture in West Coast.

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