Sunday, August 3, 2014

Girl Talk 3- What is Being a Girl/Woman?

Welcome to my third Girl Talk!! I am have been enjoy writing them and I still have many topics to go!! This girl talk is short, but the answer is so VARIOUS. There are lots of rooms for thoughts and imagination. As usual every Girl Talk starts with a confession.

Confession: I often think I am not a normal girl. I do not care about wearing make up, shopping for clothes and accessories, and approaching boys. I barely wear make up, dress whatever I want, and I talk to boys carelessly. I am not into "the stuff" girls suppose to enjoy and think about. Being a girl/woman really means having a pretty face, knows how to dress, and able to catch boys' attention by talking to them? Well, it can mean those thing, but it could be different things. So, what is about being a girl anyway?

Well, it is UP TO THE GIRL/WOMAN. All girls/women are different. Every girl/woman is unique in her own way, and she has the freedom to decide what being a girl/woman means to her. Universally, girl/woman able to be independent and confident.  Being independently think about how much make up to wear, what clothes represents her, and the way to talk to their love interest. There is no standard rule, just be confident about who you are.

Go Girls, You are awesome the way you are!!

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