Saturday, February 7, 2015

100th POST!!

This post is my 100th Post!! I have been bloging since spring of 2011. I can't believe it has been four years!! At that time I was finishing college, I was feeling lost and confused, so I wanted have a blog to keep my life updated, keep in touch with friends, and have a place to be myself and reflect.

I used this blog to write my lessons, memories, thoughts, goals, and inspirations etc. My intention is to make myself motivated and enjoy life and if by sharing with others can brighten their lives, it would be awesome. There were ups and downs as for the past three years. However, no matter how hard my life was, this blog always made me feel better. My relationship with this blog is wonderful.

After 100 posts, I still A LOT of share (I have 26 draft posts that I need to finish writing.

I hope you all will continuing reading them and like them.

Thanks Blog for giving me an opportunity to be myself and get to know myself.

Thanks for everyone has been reading at least one of my post.

I am looking forward to write more posts.
Here is to another 100 posts!!

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