Friday, January 8, 2016

2015 Memories

2015 was a great year, but was so good for this blog. I stopped updating since February because second semester of my MBA program was TOO INTENSE... then I got lazy in the summer. I am sorry for lack of post in 2015 (I even did not do this year review until after the new year). I promise to keep this blog updated (no excuses) in 2016 because this is kind of another part of me. I do not want it to "die."

Traveled A LOT in 2015: Been to Four Countries - Mexico, Canada, Japan, and the USA
1. Top Left - Cancun, Mexico: My first time in Mexico!! Understanding the language was a struggle, but we made work. Mexico has longer history than the US and I was able to watch the real Latin Dance. I even used the Spanish I learned in high school and learned more Spanish (I plan to do a separate post on this)
2. Top Right - Banff, Canada: It was such A BEAUTIFUL PLACE!! I have live in Oregon for many years and visit various beautiful places; however, the elegance of Banff still impressed me. (I plan to do a separate post on this) 
3. Bottom Left - Tokyo, Japan: It was my first time in Japan after 13 years!! I felt glad that school offered the opportunity to go to Japan as the international business study trip for this spring. Japan did change much as I expected, but definitely more globalized now. Visiting companies and meeting alumni were interested, but the best part was reconnecting with old classmates (I plan to do a separate post on this)  
4. Bottom Right - New York, USA: I have attended a career conference in New York. The conference was not as great as I expected, but I still learned many career lessons and inspired by other MBA graduates. (I plan to do a separate post on this)  

School and Friends: Although 2015 was mainly about intense graduate school, but I found fun in working projects with people and made friends

(Starting from the top)
1. Working in a Cross-cultural/functional Team: I thought working in this kind of team would be a challenging; however, it was a nice experience. This diverse team create more ideas and I learned many different working style. Cross-cultural/functional team would succeed in long-run than homogenous team. (I plan to do a separate post about the strategy to work in a cross-cultural/functional Team)
2. Making Friends: Although we all have busy lives, but we managed to spend time with each other. My graduate school has so many nice people from all over the world. I am glad to meet them, get know them, and hang out with them. I wished school was not so busy, so we could spend more time together and get to know each other better.
3. Helping First Years and Friends: I enjoy helping people. When I became 2nd year MBA student, I volunteered my time to help first years. I have always stepped up for my friends. I helped them as much as I can. It is not only I want to be a friendly person, but also I learn through helping others. I also get help in return.
4. Being Involved with Leadership Organizations: Being part of a leadership organization was more challenging than I thought. There were a lot of work on top of all the school work. However, it was paid off, I gained so much real life experience that would not learn from the textbooks. I liked work for students.

There are so much to achieve in 2016......

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