Monday, January 30, 2017

What is Chinese/Lunar New Year Means to Me

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Since I am Chinese-American, I am happy to say I get celebrate New Year TWICE!! Chinese new year comes later than American new year because America follows roman calendar (365 days a year) and China follows lunar calendar (30-day-month, 360 days a year). 

(Taken at Last Chinese New Year. The Chinese International/Exchange Students from my school and I made dumplings together. Dumpling is one of the traditional must-have for Chinese New Year.

I left China when I was seven years old, so last time I spend Chinese New Year in China was 1996. Unfortunately, I don't remember much of it. After I have been spending Chinese New Year in Japan and the US.  I have been told that Chinese New Year is fun and festive. People gather together and cook and eat. It is a lot like Thanksgiving in America. There are fireworks, parade, entertainments, etc. People usually get a long break from work and school. Even though I don't get a break from school or work, I still have a fantastic time celebrating it with my family and Chinese people live in other countries. I am glad that China is a popular country and a lot of foreigners acknowledge the Chinese New Year, so Chinese people who live in other countries could get enough celebration even they are not in China. There are many places with Chinatown and Chinese restaurant, where the Chinese new year is heavily celebrated.

Although I feel I still have fun and get enough of Chinese New Year celebration,  I hope someday, I will get to spend Chinese New Year in China to experience the real celebration. 

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