Monday, November 14, 2011

Changes in the good way

Sorry Blog, I have been ignoring you. I was lazy to update it. I want to be a blogger who is not giving up.  No matter it is been read or not, I continue update. I will hopely have at least one post a week. Blogging can practice my writing and help myself improve. It can help me keep track what did for the week, so I can make sure I did not waste my time.

I need to change, I need to move on. I am growing up I am not a kid anymore. I need learn to be more responsible. I need to grow up. Sooner or later, I will start my professional career, owning a car, buying a house, and become parents of a child/children. I am entering the new stage of my life. These are the changes I need to do.

Changes 1: New Networking Method.
I will change from facebook to Link-in and Blog. I have been using facebook since end of my senior. I used it a lot for the past four years. It was my main social network for my college life. Sometimes I even felt bad that I spent way too much time than I should. Time to move on more professional world.

"Dear facebook, We have been friends for a long time, but from now on, I need to spend less time on it. I hope I can control myself to stay away from you. Thank you so much, Because of you I can keep in touch with my friends and reach out for help. Less facebooking..."

"Hello, Blog and Linked In, I still don't know you well. I hope I can be friends with you for a long time. We will be in a good relationship just like facebook and I did."

Changes 2: New Study Method
Although I am not in school anymore, I still have to study. Getting a bachelor degree does not mean my education is over. Like the PSU Principal said in the Commencement, "The day we graduate is the day the real education begins." Some learning is life long. Not all knowledge comes from studying. Some of them come from experience, movies, people etc. I need to maximize the my knowledge not only from text book. I believe if I live one more day, I will learn at least on more "thing."

I am going to study on my own. I will create a study plan for my daily life. Without being told or monitored. No class, no teacher, no supervision.

Changes 3: New Role in the Family
I was always the CHILD in the house. From now on, I will be more independent. I will lead the family like making vacation plans, cooking meals, doing being the driver, being in charge of one particular chore etc. This will make my mother's life easier. I depended so much on my parents as I grow up, it is the time to change that.

More Changes Will Come...............


  1. That sounds awesome. You will make everything come true soon.

  2. I found a typing mistake in this blog. Hehe...

  3. Leo: Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoyed reading it.
    Mom: Thanks for catching my mistake, I made the correction.