Thursday, November 24, 2011

I feel thankful that.......

Happy Thankgiving Everyone!! What are you doing tonight? I am going out for dinner with my parents. We are going out, so my mother can take a break from cooking for us. I am going to eat a LOT tonight. I hope you all will have a great thankgiving no matter what you doing tonight. Remember to be thankful for whatever you have. If you can be thankful and satisfied for everything you have, you will be the happiest person. These are five things that I feel thankful to have.

I am thankful that......

1. I have a great mom. She is just great. I am thankful that she taught me all the right things to do. I can't thank her enough. She can do anything to raise me.

2. I have a lot of good friends. My life would not so good without them. I'd like to thank each of them for all the support when I need it.

3. I have/had a lot of wonderul Teachers. Besides my parents, they are also people who influence me. Thanks for inspire me and being great models.

4. The Mother Nature made my/our life so wonderful. Our lives would not be so wonderful without Sun, Moon, Water, Flower, Tree, etc. Thanks mother nature for creating a beautiful earth for us to live in.

5. The God created me and the world. I am not Christian or something religious, but I admire god. I believe it exists. Thank you god, you made my life filled with joy and surprises.

After I thanked everything, Now it is time to EAT!!!

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  1. Thanks Xiaoxi you are a wonderful friend. I'm thankful to have met you and gotten to know you better over the years. Enjoy the dinner! ;)