Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner/Potluck/Buffet

I had a SUPER awesome thanksgiving, this year. WHY? First, I got spend my thanksgiving in this beautiful town called "Ashland"!! (I think it was my first time spending thanksgiving other than Portland since I arrived to the US) Second, I ate MULTIPLE thanksgiving dinners. So the it was DEFINITELY the BEST thanksgiving I ever had. 

1. Thanksgiving/International Potluck: my first thanksgiving dinner started with the members in the International Student Association. We had a potluck style thanksgiving dinner at a special place called "White House". I heard the house was "haunted," but I guess it was rumor. Inside was actually very pretty and elegant. It used to be the President's House.

Group photo: There were a lot of people!! Some of them were VERY GOOD cooks. We all had such a great time hanging out, eating yummy food, and laughing with each other. 

I made Japanese Omelette (Tamagoyaki), Egg Fried Rice and Cupcakes. Tamagoyaki was popular, and they were gone before I noticed. Since it was an international style, so I got taste all the delicious around the world. There were a lot of talented cooks in ISA. Thanks for ISA's board members for organizing this event. We were all sick of campus food, so this event gave us chance to taste some home-cooked meal. 

2. Thanksgiving Buffet: my second thanksgiving dinner was brought by the dining of my hall. We had Harvest Celebrating Dinner Buffet two days before Thanksgiving. Thanks for people who organized it. I think most of students living on campus felt sick of daily dining food, so this dinner was nice way to experience some changes. 

The night's special courses were Prime Rib & Shrimp. Sadly, I tried neither of these. I was not in the mood of eating meat, and shrimp was gone when I went there. I heard from my friends that they were super good. 

There were a lot of food anyway, so it was definitely not disappointing. People better get there early, so all the good ones Don't you wish we had this kind of food everyday? 

3. Thanksgiving Dinners/Lunches/Breakfasts: My 3rd thanksgiving dinner was of course with my parents. They came from Portland to Ashland. I was super happy. We decided for this year's thanksgiving, they came to visit me instead of I am going home, so we can explore Ashland. Besides actual thanksgiving dinner, we explored various places in Ashland. When they were here, I felt every meal was like eating a Thanksgiving Dinner.

My mom and I at a Thai food restaurant. 

My dad and I before we start to eat the thanksgiving dinner.

After having enough thanksgiving dinners, there will other holiday dinners coming up. Yay for more eating. I am in the middle of dead week and final week, so all the wonderful  food is 

I hope your thanksgiving was as good as mine.

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