Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween Recap

There has been SO MANY things happened since my last update. I VERY need to do some catch up. This term is SERIOUSLY CRAZY.  For the last couples, I participated in a lot of Halloween events.  Besides Halloween Events, there were Business Social, Office Visits, Interviews, and of course ENDLESS homework/tests/papers. Life is moving very fast, so don't miss a moment. On top of all the busyness, I even went to home for the weekend before the halloween, so I was pretty much booked for every second of my life. I finally have time tonight to update about my halloween memory. I took dozens of pictures. I am only going to post a few of them in the blog, and you can take a look at them on Facebook.

1) Pumpkin Curving (Friday 10/26)
Sadly, I have been living in America for ten years and I never curved a pumpkin before. I don't know why. I just did not have a chance. It was so nice for ISA (International Student Association) to host a pumpkin curving event, so all the internal/exchange students can experience it. I was scared at first, but it was not as hard as I thought. Actually, I felt pretty easy. 

I am with a Japanese Exchange student named Natsumi. You can tell she did better job than me. I also should have showed the face of the pumpkin, not the side. 

2) Halloween Dance (Friday 10/26)
Right after the pumpkin curving, I quickly changed into my halloween costume, and prepared to go to the Halloween Dance. 

My hall mates and I dressed up and we took a photo before we head to the dance together. (We are such a great family, we go to dance together and do every thing together)

The dance was host at the dorm. It had a huge balcony. The dance party was decorated by beautiful lights and flowers. I felt glad that the night was not cold because we dance with halloween costumes and most of the halloween costumes are thin. 

I had a good time at the dance. It was fun seeing people dressed in different kinds of costume. I danced a lot and it was almost midnight when I came back to my room. Not mention that, I was flying home in the next day. 

3) Halloween Party/ My Friend's Birthday Party (Saturday 10/27)

I flew home Saturday. Not long after I got off from the flight and catching up with my parents, I had to go to my friend's birthday/halloween party. Her birthday was a day before halloween. It was so wonderful to see her and hang out with other friends from high school during my short visit in Portland, especially I was away for a while. I even learned how to play Mahjong that night. 

4) Business Club Halloween (Tuesday 10/30)

The day after I came back to Ashland, I had to do some Halloween Sales for Business Club during lunch at the cafeteria. We sold Popcorn Balls and Caramel Apples. I was not a big fan of popcorn, but I really liked the popcorn ball. The apple pie flavored popcorn ball was SO YUMMY. I think I am addicted to cinnamon, now. 

There was a Zombie Dance in the Cafeteria during lunch. Since I had a table, I was sitting in the front seat for watching the dance.

5) Halloween Parade (Wednesday 10/31)
On the halloween day, there was a parade in Ashland downtown. I was debating about going or not going because it was raining and I had a lot work to do (I did not do homework when I went home for the weekend, so I was FAR behind in class). However, I still decide to go. How crazy I am!!!
Let me talk about my costume for this year: Actually this my uniform from Japanese middle school.  I had to wear it every day during my middle school days in Japan. Some people thought I was a "sailor," and others thought I dressed as a "student". Well, I can be both. I love this uniform, and I felt very happy that halloween gave me a chance to wear it again. I even wore this to class. There are not a lot of people asking me, so I hope they recognized that I dressed up for halloween.
Even though was sad because it rained, but that did not kill the spirit of Halloween. 

All in all, I think I had the BEST halloween I ever had. I have been live in the US for ten years, and this was my first first time I got involved with this many halloween events.

What did you do for halloween? Did you dress up? 

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