Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Recap

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I am sure you all have something special about Christmas in your life. For me, it is the most important holiday because it is also my mother's birthday. I believe some families have their own holiday traditions. My family tradition is celebrating my mother's birthday, eating cake, watching movies, and listening to a lot of Christmas music. 

Thanks mom for always being the good example for me. I love you. You are a Christmas child. 

Last year, I added baking my mother's birthday cake for our holiday tradition. We used to order cake from the bakery. We considered baking on our own, but we were either too busy or the cake did not turn well like the bakery. However, last year, I became addicted to baking, and my baked cookies, muffins and pies turned out to be very well, so I decide to give the cake another try. It was challenging at first, but I followed the recipe carefully, and it turned out satisfying. 
 The cake is ready to be decorated by using whipped cream and a lot of fruits. 
This year, there was a huge improvement. The cake turned out to be extremely successful. I putted a lot of effort into making the cake. I learned lessons from previous baking experiences and followed tips. I also spend time designing the cake. I decided to use a lot of delicious fruits to make it pretty and delicious.  

My mother LOVED the cake. She said it is better than the cake we used to get from local bakeries. She always complained about the cake was too sweet for her. She was not dessert person like me, but she ate TWO pieces. I am so HAPPY. 
I enjoyed the cake, too. It is best with a cup of tea, coffee, or milk. I can't wait to make it again. 

Besides baking, I also watched many Christmas movies and played and listen Christmas music this break. They change my way of viewing the Holiday. 

What I learned about Christmas:

1. Believing in Santa Claus is not about whether he exists or not, it is about trust in faith, hope for the miracle, and magic in life. 

2. Family traditions are important because that is what keeps them together and create family history. Someday when we get old, we have something to remember and give to our descendants.  
3. The main purpose of the holiday is not about luxurious presents, fancy parties, and elegant decorations, it is about family and gather together and spend time with each other. My favorite Christmas song is "All I want for Christmas is You." I listened and danced this song countless time, this year. 

4. Warm food and live music make people stay alive, active, and motivated during cold weather. I like to always have some food cooked in the kitchen and music played in my house during the winter days. 

5. Christmas music is so special. It is timeless, loved by people at all ages, and sung by the people all over the world. No matter where we go, who we meet, when the time is, people can be connect through Christmas music. 

Now Christmas is over, I am kind of sad, but New Year is COMING!! 

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